Stationed at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station for more than 700 days, he was the only epidemic prevention policeman who did not change his guard!

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This article was transferred from;He was stationed at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station for more than 700 days. He was the only epidemic prevention policeman who did not change his guard.China New Network Shanghai, February 3(Yin Liqin, Chen Chun) On February 3, the third day of the first month of the year of the Tiger, Yang Weirong, head of epidemic prevention and transportation team of Hongqiao Railway Station of Minhang Public Security Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, arrived at the railway station early in the morning.As is customary, he looked first at the expected number of visitors — about 32,000 had arrived in Shanghai on that day, compared with before the holiday, and the fourth day of the New Year is expected to kick off the return peak.Before taking up his post, Yang weirong inspected all epidemic prevention supplies, transfer vehicles and on-site warning signs.Two years ago, Shanghai launched the first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies.The quarantine team has been guarding the six entrances and exits for more than 700 days.The only difference is that the special squad has been changed 27 times, with a total of more than 1,000 people fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention. As the leader of the team, Yang Weirong is the only one who has never changed.The police are checking the information of the passengers.Minhang public security diagram perennial sunshine let Yang Weirong feel the degradation of the body is very severe.He not only strictly implemented the epidemic prevention measures of “no leakage”, but also took into account the safety and efficiency of the transportation hub. For him, more than two years of work has almost become a “muscle memory”, keeping all plans and procedures in mind.During the Spring Festival, 16 police officers and more than 180 auxiliary police officers were still stationed at Hongqiao Railway Station every day, with two shifts and each shift working more than 15 hours a day.The reporter saw at the scene, the station hall floor of the six mouth have eye-catching bright code prompt, the public security “big white” stationed beside the passage, responsible for the verification of two code, maintain the scene order, and cooperate with the medical staff in the first time to carry out the relevant personnel transfer work.”Health codes and trip codes must be checked to ensure that ‘no one is left behind’. On this basis, we also need to ensure the rapid passage of passengers and the absolute safety of the station floor.”Mr. Yang said.In order to facilitate the elderly passengers arriving in Shanghai, since last year, the special class of epidemic prevention has been equipped with hand-held identity verification equipment to reduce the inconvenience caused by the elderly due to the inconvenient operation of mobile phones.”These details, is the warmth of Shanghai fine management, we have the most real experience.”Mr. Yang said.Yang Weirong is adjusting the position of the signs inside the station.Minhang public security for epidemic prevention, the arrival layer is almost in a semi-open state, wearing protective clothing, everyone every day to experience the “cold in winter and hot in summer” test, but adhere to the unchanged.Near the retirement of the old police Yan Liqing suffering from coronary heart disease and hypertension, high intensity of work he had a sudden syncope, was urgently sent to the hospital, the doctor told him to rest, but Yan Liqing on the afternoon of the discharge procedures, back to work;Yang Renfei, a young police officer on duty at the south three export, suddenly suffered from acute gastroenteritis before the festival. After taking medicine to reduce fever, he took the initiative to give up rest and returned to work.”On December 31, I helped a foreign tourist finish quarantine inspection. He thanked me and said ‘Happy New Year!’I was very impressed.”Yang renfei said.The police are checking the information of the passengers.At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the number of medium-high risk areas across the country increased. After some trains were centralized, the special epidemic prevention team will also check the passengers of non-concern trains according to the work requirements of “centralized and comprehensive inspection”.”Some of the passengers are resistance, we explain each seriously, which is both meet the requirements of ‘one does not leak and also for all the health and safety, the consolation is that our interpretation, eventually won the passenger’s understanding and support, let us also feel warm, warm is’ two-way go to!”Zhang Jie, the team leader of the special team who has been guarding the post for one and a half years, said.The police are checking the information of the passengers.Due to the large number of people at the railway station, passengers often lose their ID cards or luggage by accident.In addition to epidemic prevention, special class police Hu Zhen is specifically responsible for and railway police linkage to find luggage.Once, Hu Zhen also met an old man who had missed his stop.It was the last train to arrive at 11:40 that night.After contacting the old man’s family, Hu Zhen stayed with the old man until more than 1 am, until the old man’s son picked up his mother.Looking at the figure far away, he just felt thick tired to come up.With the increase of arrival frequency and the delay of the last train arriving in Shanghai, the original working mechanism will be changed to full working, which means that the rest time will be reduced and the working time will be extended.”Many times, some people will deliberately say ‘you are really strict’, but when I look at their smiling faces, I know that although they do not cross their thumbs, their words are actually praise for us.”Mr. Yang said.(after)