Please collect the details of the 400 fixed sampling sites for nucleic acid tests of people returning to Beijing

2022-05-05 0 By

Beijing Business Daily (reporter Yang Yuehan) At present, the global epidemic is still at a high level, and sporadic cases have also appeared in many places in China. Although the epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing is stabilizing, we still need to be cautious, remain vigilant and adhere to all prevention and control measures.More people returned to Beijing after the Spring Festival holiday.On February 7, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission reminded citizens to pay close attention to their own and their family members’ health conditions, do a good job of personal health protection and monitoring, and do not go to work when sick.In particular, those with a history of living in medium-high risk areas and those who have returned to work outside Beijing should do a good job in self-health monitoring and timely nucleic acid testing.In order to better meet the needs of the public for nucleic acid testing and provide more convenient nucleic acid testing services, Beijing has published the contact numbers, addresses and other information of 400 novel Coronavirus fixed nucleic acid testing sites. The public can check on the official website, Weibo and wechat accounts of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission.