If Kangxi had succeeded him, the Qing would probably have become a great power, and the Western powers would probably have been no match

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There is no road in life in vain. Every step counts.Each of our life, is a long road, each fork, decide us later, different life trajectory.As John Young said, every step we make counts, every choice we make determines our future consequences.It is well known that Emperor Kangxi was succeeded by Emperor Yongzheng, but in fact, there was a man who was more suitable for the position than Emperor Yongzheng. If he had been the emperor, then the Qing dynasty would have become a super power without all the humiliation of the eight-nation allied forces in modern history.He was The thirteenth son of the Kangxi Emperor, Yinxiang, who chose a rough road in the turbulent situation of that time and finally achieved success.It is said that during the reign of Emperor Kangxi, yinzhen was not the fourth elder brother, but the second one.Because two elder brother’s mother family forces are relatively strong, and the Kangxi Emperor in order to get the support of this force, so shortly after the birth of two elder brother, he was set up as the crown prince.But The Kangxi emperor wasn’t just for show, though the crown prince wasn’t at the top of his list.However, The Kangxi Emperor was still trying his best to train the prince, treating him as the future emperor. He gave his political opinions and state policies to each other, hoping that the prince could take on great responsibilities.As the elder brother grew up day by day, he also became more and more spoiled and stubborn, and even some of the officials in the court of evil collusion, in order to seek personal gains and do all kinds of bad things.This matter lets 2 elder brother had in kang Xi the position in the heart to reduce, he begins to consider another crown prince.Until kangxi’s forty-seventh year, Kangxi finally made up his mind to abolish the crown prince of two elder brothers, which also foreshadowed the famous “nine sons to seize the children’s children”.In the event of “the ninth son seizing the wife”, the two most powerful factions were led by the fourth elder brother, and the thirteenth elder brother Yinxiang was also among them.The other is headed by eight elder brother forces, the two forces have been contended.In 1722, Emperor Kangxi died.Kangxi opened the emperor’s will. According to kangxi’s will, yinzhen, the fourth elder brother, succeeded to the throne, later Yongzheng Emperor.After yongzheng succeeded to the throne, he quickly eradicated the forces headed by Eight agge and consolidated his rule, which could not be separated from yinxiang’s meritorious deeds.There are many theories about the succession of Emperor Yongzheng to the throne.It is said that Kangxi also attached great importance to him in the beginning, and that the fourth brother showed great determination to care about people’s livelihood since his childhood.He looked for people everywhere, concerned about the people’s livelihood, in the people’s popular, also made no small achievement.But in fact, Kangxi’s favorite son is Yinxiang, 13 agge, and the 13 agge and the 4 agge go very close.At the beginning of nine sons to seize the wife, 13 elder brother to consider their own weak, he will take the initiative to throw himself into the hands of four elder brother, advise its to contend for the throne, for its advice.After the end of the ninth son, kangxi emperor was very satisfied with the strength and ability of the fourth brother, which could not be separated from the shadow of the thirteenth brother.Finally, Emperor Kangxi passed the throne to Yinzhen, perhaps he was very relieved to yinzhen, who was assisted by Thirteen elder brothers.However, there is another saying that when Kangxi was in the throne, he was very fond of the son of the fourth elder brother, who was also the later Emperor Qianlong.Facts proved that Emperor Kangxi’s vision was quite right.After emperor Yongzheng succeeded to the throne, he used thunder means to eliminate the eight elder brother’s forces quickly, to other brothers, but also the elimination of the elimination, the exile of the exile.Thirteen agge, by virtue of his own ability and loyalty, as well as in the performance of nine sons to seize the wife, gained the trust of Emperor Yongzheng, and promoted to its jue.When emperor Yongzheng was newly enthroned, he was made a prince, which was enough to show his trust in him.In addition to emperor Yongzheng’s trust in him, 13 agge himself is also a very outstanding talent.After he succeeded to the throne, Yongzheng took care of all matters in the court. When disasters happened, he went to inspect and deal with them himself.In the early years of Yongzheng, there was a shortage of outstanding officials in the court, so he chose civil and military officers himself, and every year selected many talents for the court.In the turbulent situation in the early years of Yongzheng, 13 Agge took on the major responsibilities and helped the Yongzheng Emperor to control power and stabilize the situation. He became the right hand and arm of the Yongzheng Emperor in government and management.Perhaps it is the long time high intensity work overworked, 13 elder brother Yinxiang suffers from a rare disease, the body often unwell.But even so, he did not slacken his work, refused to rest down to rest for a period of time, after a period of time, the illness worsened again.Even on his deathbed, he continued to worry about dam construction and eventually died of exhaustion at the age of 44.The death of Yinxiang made Emperor Yongzheng cry bitterly. He not only lost a brother who was very dear to him, but also lost a loyal and capable minister.After his death, Emperor Yongzheng granted him the title of hereditary heir and the right to enjoy the Taimiao temple for his contributions to the court.In fact, from an objective point of view, Yinxiang might do a better job than Yongzheng emperor. After all, Yinxiang was deeply loved by Kangxi since he was young, and he always accompanied Kangxi and received a lot of personal education.Moreover, judging from his contribution to the consolidation of Yongzheng’s rule, he was indeed a talented, diligent and loyal man, in which even the Yongzheng Emperor could not match him.Moreover, Yinxiang was a very open-minded person in thought, and he took the initiative to accept the advanced civilization of the West.Unlike other people who blindly worship foreign things or completely deny them, he will take the initiative to absorb and have his own opinions on this.Let’s make a bold assumption that if Yinxiang had succeeded emperor Kangxi instead of Emperor Yongzheng, the Qing dynasty would have become a great power with great power and no modern history of humiliation, and the Western powers might not have been a rival.But history is history, it’s what really happened, no what-ifs, no ifs.This result is also a choice made by Yinxiang himself, because at that time he really did not have the power to dominate, he knew this very well, so he settled for the second best and chose another path, and finally got a good ending.But there is no doubt that it was the best choice he made at that time and paved the way for the future. I believe he has never regretted this decision.Conclusion Without in-depth understanding of Yinxiang, I believe we will think that he is excessively highly regarded, and there is no how superior talent.On the contrary, when we learn more about his achievements, we discover that he was indeed a man of great talent and good decision making.From the beginning of the thirteen prince, to later nine children seize the state of chaos, into the four elder brother for its advice, eventually sought a good outcome for himself.This is the best way for Yin Xiang to protect himself in the turbulent situation at that time, and also paved the way for his life after, you know, the choice of life is a ring.After all, life is like Yang’s words, there is no road in vain, every step must be counted.If we can be like Yin Xiang, at every fork in life to consider carefully, life will gradually step by step into a better situation, will also slowly in the planning to achieve our desired realm of life.