She looks like a girl in pink and is too good to hang out with her divorced mother, Reuters revealed

2022-05-04 0 By

With the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games kicked off, the ice and snow events will also enter a tense schedule period.To celebrate China’s success in hosting the Winter Olympic Games, skiing has become one of many friends’ favorite sports this winter.Of course, to promote ice sports, there will be a star cast.Recently, the variety show “Super Fun Ski conference” has officially announced the strong addition of a beautiful guest, I believe many friends must be curious about who it is?It was angelababy who announced her divorce a few days ago.In the official photos, Baby is wearing a pink coat and white trousers, looking sweet and fresh, a head of beautiful curly hair, a pair of bright big eyes, the appearance level is super high, in the snow and ice set off, clearly is a snow fairy.Especially the helmet designed by the small horn, the girl’s breath is too rich!This doesn’t look like a newly divorced woman or a mother with a baby.After her divorce, the baby is doing so well.The failure of her marriage did not seem to affect her mood.Some netizens also said that it is estimated that the relationship between huang xiaoming and huang Xiaoming has long been broken, but the two are associated with too much property, it is estimated that a while ago was completely broken up.After all, the news of their divorce has not been quiet in recent years. It has been heated up every once in a while, and it seems to have cried Wolf.It is no wonder that when it comes to the official announcement of the two men, netizens are not impressed. Many people say that it is acceptable and reasonable.Once this pair of envy evil spirit other people’s “century CP”, still have that grand century wedding, after all is wrong pay.Nevertheless the career development of two people at present is who also did not delay, Huang Xiaoming indulge in fitness reducing weight, minus a suit “greasy male” temperament, not only the person looked at a lot of refreshed, even simple sense went up, audience edge came back again.Although Baby did get more attention from Huang Xiaoming at the beginning, she has grown and made great progress in the past few years since she joined Running Man. She is not only more and more beautiful, but also more mature.While her acting skills still need to be improved, she has also developed her skills in other areas and was invited to host the Beijing Spring Festival Gala this year, which is her first step towards making a crossover in 2022.Her red carpet looks, which have been praised for their beauty in the past, have grown more sophisticated.This time she joined the ski convention, but also brought more excitement to the show.Judging from this photo alone, who doesn’t love a cute, adorable woman?