Rural families with an annual income of nearly 200,000 yuan, return home for the Spring Festival is low-key, neighbors envy their “iron rice bowl”

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Wanli in the village is a chef in a hotel in the city with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan, which is outstanding among his peers in the countryside.Regardless of income, the profession of chef is also very popular in the village. If the neighbors hold a banquet, if the scale is not particularly large, they always like to ask the chef in the village to help. This kind of pure friendship interaction, also adds a lot of points for the profession of chef.According to Wanli, although free help for the village neighbors will affect the normal work, but the face is greater than money, he would rather pay for peer friends to help, but also back to the village for neighbors, their cooking can get everyone’s recognition, this itself is a kind of honor.His income and enthusiasm to help others won the village people’s praise, so that many young people in the village also went to the city to him, hoping to master a “iron rice bowl” like him. In the past 20 years, he has brought out more than 10 apprentices, nearly half of them from the village.When he returned home during the Spring Festival holiday, he could not rest and play as comfortably as others. He was either invited by his employer to help with cooking today, or invited by his western family to help with cooking. He was busy until the New Year’s Eve and had to help his parents with cooking.According to Wan Li’s brother, the family is really happy to have a chef who earns more than 10,000 yuan a month. He can have a big meal every year. Ordinary vegetables have turned into various delicacies in his hands, which are not only delicious but also very good-looking.On New Year’s eve the neighbors came home to chat, found the pocket is equipped with two packs of cigarettes, at home, when he drew the grade higher. Outside, smoked up to 20 yuan a pack, but his behavior is clearly in the opposite direction, somebody else’s pocket pack two packs of cigarettes, are poor yourself, to others good, thousands of miles of this play is what kind of operation?To this, Wanli explained: “This you don’t understand, I don’t want to give you a good smoke, we come to my home, I absolutely take the best smoke to entertain you, but once out of the door, I will ‘do as the Romans do’.In the village, not to say you take the cigarette better, pick up your cigarette more happy, you think about it, when a group of people in the chat, others in the pocket are 20 yuan a pack, then you take out a pack of 45 yuan, this is obviously steal the limelight, after you walk, others don’t scold you just strange, this is the end of spending money also do not please.In fact, most people can afford 45 yuan a pack of cigarettes now. After all, when we go back to the village during the Spring Festival, we get together and talk about our daily life. It doesn’t matter if we spend some money.A pack of cigarettes actually also contains the truth of life, in wanli, although a pack of cigarettes is not valuable, but it is the key to life, and master these details, also master the “password” in the village.Comparing the wind in the countryside of contemporary, like thousands of miles on the practicalities of young people, really worth learning, it is understood that his income, and daughter-in-law income, every year there are nearly 200000 yuan, also can in the busy work at the same time, the home of a few acres of land, can also bring some benefits each year, according to this calculation, he also is in the village middle income level.However, people do not share cars with others, nor do they share houses with others, but work steadily and sincerely serve their neighbors in the village. According to his words, if you live a good life, you cannot care about the eyes of others. Even if you are a multimillionaire, you may not get the unanimous respect of all the villagers.Listen to chef Wanli chat, really harvest a lot of things, these seemingly shallow words, but it is the great truth of human life.Every year when I go back to my rural hometown for the Spring Festival, as long as I pay enough attention, I can always find some seemingly ordinary but wise masters. Do you agree with this chef’s approach?