Return!Yangtze River Delta railway to meet the peak passenger flow, Shanghai metro will operate additional trains depending on the situation

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On The first Friday of February 5, the return mode started as the Spring Festival holiday drew to a close.Yangtze River Delta Railway returns to peak today;Shanghai metro lines 1, 3 and 4 at Shanghai Railway Station, Line 2 at Hongqiao Railway Station, and Line 1 and 3 at Shanghainan Station will be re-launched before and after the first train, depending on conditions.China Railway Travel clothing company to do a good job of station disinfection.The Yangtze River Delta Railway is expected to handle 1.03 million passengers on February 5, according to the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., LTD. An additional 122 pairs of passenger trains will be in operation, including 59 pairs through and 63 pairs inside the railway.Fuyang, Hefei, Anqing, Xuzhou and other places have seen a significant increase in passenger flow.Stations in hefei, Fuyang, Xuzhou and other key areas of post-holiday passenger transport have made response plans in advance, opening full ticket Windows and entry security checks and ticket checking channels.Additional personnel, in the ticket hall, waiting room, platform and other key parts of the guide.Every station along the 9th section of The Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Railway saw a peak of rework passenger flow, with qianshan, Taihunanand Susong East stations sending more than 5,000 passengers per day, setting a record of the highest number of passengers since the opening of the station.Shanghai hongqiao station, Shanghai appoint a day to kill all corners of the waiting room, especially for the station passenger contact more door handles, washstand encryption key parts, elevator handrails and disinfection frequency, from 4 hours to kill a upgraded to spray disinfection every 2 hours of not less than 1 second, wipe disinfection not less than 1 times a day.At the same time, cleaning personnel also add 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant into the floor washing machine and washing bucket in daily cleaning, and do continuous disinfection work while cleaning the floor by washing the floor with the floor washing machine, manually mopping the floor and wiping the seats with cloth.At night, covering the waiting area, ticket hall, entrance and exit corridor, escalator, self-service ticket area, toilet and other public places without dead Angle elimination.China Railway Travel clothing company to do a good job of station disinfection.Wei-li li metro latency + taken much extra first bus reporter learns the other from the Shanghai metro, for the transport of Spring Festival transportation during the second half of the focus to the return of large passenger flow, the fifth of February 5, metro line 1, 2, 3, 4 will implement scheme of “the first bus, that is the railway station of Shanghai of line 1, 3, 4, 2 hongqiao railway station,And hainan Station of Line 1 and line 3 will release the train before and after the first train, depending on the situation, so as to timely arrange the railway station to wait for the return large passenger flow of the first subway train, so as to avoid overlapping with the daily commuting flow.Please wait for the train and get on according to the instructions on the spot.In addition, on the evening of February 5, metro lines 1, 2, 7, 9, 10 and 13 will operate with normal weekend delay.The 40-day Spring Festival travel rush starts on January 17 (the 15th day of the twelfth lunar month) and ends on February 25 (the 25th day of the first lunar month).During the Spring Festival travel rush, there will be large-scale population movement, especially between regions and between urban and rural areas, which will increase the risk of epidemic transmission.For this reason, epidemic prevention and control is still the top priority of the Spring Festival travel rush. Shanghai Metro will actively implement the defense strategy and continue to strictly implement the “two necessities”, namely, “taking temperature at the station” and “wearing masks throughout the whole journey”.According to the Shanghai Road Transportation Center, 24 special lines and seven temporary ones will be opened during the 2022 Spring Festival travel rush.Since February 5th (fifth) will enter the Spring Festival travel peak, the Shanghai bus industry opened 24 travel lines, concentrate on Spring Festival transportation passenger flow ShuYun security work, various bus lines strictly implement the prevention measures at the same time, the shipping center will be deploying to the station, airport, dock and travel line, temporary line operating conditions to strengthen field patrol at night, in a timely manner to master the operating conditions,Service return passenger flow.According to the characteristics of return passenger flow during the Spring Festival travel rush, seven temporary special lines will be added at Hongqiao Hub from February 6 to February 10 (the sixth day to the tenth day) and from February 12 to February 14 (the twelfth day to the fourteenth day).Among them, chunyun lin1 line, Chunyun Lin2 line parked in hongqiao west traffic center long-distance passenger station.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)