Retrace the Long March Road, Wushan Museum, Gansu Province, 2019.10.5 Red Army Long March through Wushan

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365 retrace the Long March march team walked into Wushan County Museum, Gansu Province, visited the red culture exhibition, and was warmly welcomed by Pei Yingdong, curator of Wushan Museum, to exchange red culture.From September 1935 to October 1936, the first, second and fourth armies of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army passed through Wushan County successively, leaving many precious red relics.The Red Army soldiers took the bull by the bushel to cross the Weihe River, actively propagandize anti-Chiang Anti-japanese, and established the first democratic regime in the county – Wushan County Suviai government, in jianyang town, Shandan town respectively established the district government, district farmers association, etc.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the Communist Party of China longyou and Longnan Working Committee successfully led and organized the famous Wushan uprising and liberated wushan county.February 1947.Wushan Branch of the Communist Party of China was founded.In July.Long underground party organization to establish wushan Wugong.During this period, many heroes, such as Che Laibao and Guo Huaru, died for the communist cause.September 25, 1935, MAO Zedong led the Central Red Army In Shaanxi and Gansu Detachment (red front army) across the Longchuan River into wushan territory.Miao Feng, Yang Ping, Wang Jia jia and Fu Jia Jia rest in This Yuan Yang Town Ding Jia Men.At dawn on the 26th, the troops in preparation for crossing the river, leaving Dingjiamen, over the branch pot stone gorge arrived at the weihe river jianyang town, divided into two columns crossing the river.It was late autumn, and because the weihe river was wide and not deep, the troops crossed the Weihe river in several columns at the same time.After crossing the river, Wushan, Zhang County to hear the enemy arrived.The trees on both sides rang out in unison, machine guns and mortars fired together, and the Red Army immediately threw itself into battle, repelled the enemy’s resistance, and calmly reached the North Mountain.Zhang and Wu’s two wings of the enemy did not dare to attack on both sides, not to take the night attack, the Red Army travel more than 30 miles, to Feijiashan, Shuijiagou area, open camp for a night.Early in the morning of September 27, the Red Army left Feijiashan, shuijia ditch area, over the Sujiashan mountain, the Qi Jiaxian, along the mountain road at the junction of Wushan, Longxi to the north, through Wushan Yupan, miaoergou, xiabao east area, into tongwei County shijia Temple arrived at the bang Luo town camp.After the Red Army arrived in Bangluo town, a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee was held that night.The Bangluo Conference decided that the Long March of the Red Army would take Shanxi-Gansu base areas as its foothold, reversing the crisis of the Chinese revolution and opening up a new situation for the successful development of the Chinese revolution.After the visit, we set out from Wushan County to Bangluo town and began a section of road construction.All the way to the mountains, the slope is good.But the temperature had dropped sharply, and there was fog in the distance, and a strong wind, and drizzle, and very cold.To bang luo town and Wu team to meet, overnight in Tongwei County bang Luo town.Wushan county – tongwei county bangluo town 48km