Lawyer Liu Hongwei talks about three interpretations of eating

2022-05-04 0 By

Eating is the basis of universal survival: people are iron, rice is steel, do not eat hunger panic.But when it comes to eating, some people build a house under an ox at a meal.Some people full han feast tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands;Some people eat the last meal without the next meal;Others end up living on the streets.Eating is in order to better work: the author is a lawyer, because working relationship, often contact entrepreneurs, gourmet, big style stars, in the face of even the President of the standard luxury dining, the author is particularly uncomfortable, who knows, each all pain, so I think eating is in order to work, it is necessary to waste?Firewood, rice, oil and salt matter high sky moon heart.In line with such a mentality, I push the cup for a luxurious banquet is to push push, try not to attend.Two eat their own comfort: I am poor people born in the north, eat salty, my principle is the pursuit of minimalist life, a porridge a meal to think of the people is not easy, big cakes roll scallion, fried cake, pickles millet porridge is my favorite.No gathering: has COVID-19 put a stamp on past feasting and feasting?This also reminds the author that it is not harmful to refuse or put an end to group meals for safety in the future.