Embarrassed!Suspected guangdong men’s basketball “high Battery” chatting up female network star was rejected, the reason is too ugly

2022-05-04 0 By

The CBA is in the offseason, but some players want to make a splash in Chinese basketball.On the early morning of the third day of the Chinese New Year, a female Internet celebrity named “Spider Moon” posted a dynamic with the caption “The process of CBA players being rejected by the ugly” and posted two photos, one of which appeared to be guangdong basketball player Du Ruiwang and her private messages, and the other was identification information.Released at the net is “spider” girls can be seen in the weibo, a microblogging netizen called “Du Ruiwang 18” direct messages to her, although only a simple “hello” two characters, but the implication and “line” mentality at that time all breeds in these two words (understand natural understand), but the “spider” is obviously not what outside beating around the bush,Directly with “too ugly, don’t send messages” this sentence left the former speechless, at a loss, and then posted the private chat screenshots, apparently there are more eyeball, earn traffic suspected, but “Spider moon” soon deleted this dynamic.In this case, there are two steps. First, let’s say who this “spider Moon” is. In fact, it is not accurate to say that she is a female Internet celebrity, and it is more appropriate to say that she is a “famous lady” of the CBA.The “spider” is the Shanghai men’s basketball team defender Guo Haowen ex-girlfriend, Guo Haowen still in bayi team, the girl said is Guo Haowen girlfriend, and real-name fact Guo Haowen is “pedal boat” “sea king”, also once like bayi team and wang zhizhi appeal Guo Haowen did, that it caused a great sensation in China basketball,Fans were introduced to the girl, named spider Moon.After knowing this girl, let’s talk about Du Runwang, a young player born in 1999, who won with Guangdong men’s basketball team the honor that 90% of players can’t get in their whole career, “three consecutive league titles”.Du Runwang is tall, but he has a good three-point shooting rate. He is a very famous “high battery” of Guangdong men’s basketball team. His three-point shooting rate was as high as 46.1% in the previous season, but this season his condition declined, and his three-point shooting rate dropped to 40%, but he can still get 7.5 points per game.In terms of his private life, du Ruiwang was beaten by a female netizen with his real name in 2020.But then again, young man, unmarried situation chatting up a girl is not what “scandal”, but Du Yunwang himself did not think, the “spider moon” is such a fierce role, now the whole web know his point of the broken matter, really a bit embarrassing.But in the end, or to say, although now it looks like “certain”, but as to eat the melon people still want to keep a heart of doubt, although “Du Ruiwang 18” is indeed a Du Ruiwang weibo accounts, but also can’t rule out someone suspected of P figure a false hype, in addition, if not the P chart, account may also be others misappropriation,After all, this has happened a lot (you know), but there has been no response from the person involved.