Tribute to military wife! The world is better because of you

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The soldier Su Shangguo is an excellent officer of the Blue Army Brigade. Lu Yingge, the wife of the military, is a defender and health supervisor of the people’s health. He and his comrade-in-arms have tempered the “grindstone” of our actual combat training in order to strengthen the military and national security.She is a good wife, good daughter-in-law, good daughter, good mother, good colleague…Distance won’t give up make love is understanding and tolerance, is an ordinary couple each other achievements they are boundless and their caring and mutual love and understanding make home happy with m this year to rest their life is ordinary but great forces considering Sue is the family is still in the resistance to disease specifically adjusted duty schedule for Chinese New Year Sue is the Spring Festival vacation home reunions producer:Li Xueyong Supervisor: Huang Ming Li Lihan Tian Yuan Editor: Zhang Mi-mi Planning: Li Qinghua Wang Yitao Liu Xiaohong Wang Nannan Zhang Ruijie Guo Zhongzheng Overall planning: Zhang Ruijie Guo Zhongzheng Director: CAI Jianke Li Photography: Yang Pengfei Guo Li Song Zhi Editing: Shi Xuchen Post production: Shi Xuchen Poster production: Zhang Jiaoying Sun Fengxiao