Real-time road conditions on February 5 11:10

2022-05-03 0 By

There was light snow in wuwei, Lanzhou, Baiyin, Dingxi, Tianshui, Pingliang, Qingyang, Longnan, Linxia and Gannan sections of highway in Our province at 11:10 on February 5, 2022, and the weather in other sections was overcast or cloudy.Due to snow and icy roads,District traffic police temporarily to G22 out east to whitewater toll station entrance, going to the JingNing toll station entrance, G30 day wish to the twin towers toll station entrance, northwest to the east bifurcation toll station entrance, S25 JingNing south to the south lake toll station entrance, / S14 west gansu, song Yang toll station entrance, G6 lanzhou west to toll station entrance, silver stone bay west to Wang Jiashan toll station entrance, liu village, keStation entrance to Lanzhou direction, G8513 Han Shop to Tianshui north toll station entrance, G1816 Lanzhou New District to Jingtai South toll station entrance, G85 40 miles shop toll station entrance, ankou, Huating south toll station to Ningxia direction, S60 Old junbo toll station entrance, G2012 Dajin to Turmen toll station entrance,G7011 tianshui Town to Shop village toll station entrance, G75 Huichuan to Weiyuan, Dafeng to Hadadaopu toll station entrance, weiyuan direction vehicles to impose temporary traffic control;District traffic police in G6 new dun toll station mainline to the direction of the vehicle, liu Zhai koco toll station mainline to the direction of lanzhou vehicles, G75 lotus toll station mainline to the direction of the vehicle, hadadapu toll station, weiyuan mainline to the direction of the vehicle to take diversion measures;In addition, G75 near Weiyuan tunnel about 3 km south of weiyuan direction traffic accident, during the disposal period, weiyuan direction vehicles temporarily need to wait.The rest of the road traffic moderate, good order.To understand the latest road information, please download GANSU Expressway APP or pay attention to Gansu Expressway Weibo, wechat public number.Symphony Silk Road, Ruyi Gansu, with your wonderful trip!