Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province recruitment Notice for Public Institutions in Short Supply (15 persons)

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In order to strengthen the construction of qiubei County talent team and promote the development of social undertakings, according to the provisions of wenshan Prefecture open recruitment of 102 talents in short supply of public institutions in 2022, qiubei County public institutions in short supply personnel recruitment in 2022 are now announced as follows.Qiubei County public institutions in need of talent recruitment plan in 2022, a total of 15.For the specific recruitment positions, number of employees and qualifications, please refer to the recruitment Plan for Positions in Short supply in Public Institutions of Wenshan Prefecture in 2022 (Annex 1, hereinafter referred to as the “Job Plan”).Enter oneself for an examination personnel by people of wenshan social network (http://wszrsj.ynws.gov.cn/) and hill north county people’s government website (http://www.ynqb.gov.cn/).2. Recruitment Scope Personnel who meet the basic recruitment requirements and meet the specific requirements of the “Job Plan” can sign up for the recruitment.1. Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, abide by the Constitution and laws, and support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system.2. Have good political quality and moral conduct.3. Have the educational level required for the job and the required professional or other qualifications.4. Have the physical condition required by the post.5. Other qualifications required for the post.6. New recruits should be above 18 years old and below 35 years old (born on or after April 1986), and the age for doctoral degree can be extended to 40 years old.(2) Circumstances that do not meet the requirements for registration 1. On-the-job staff supported by finance at all levels.2. Rank: 23. Personnel who have been found to have committed fraud or other serious violations of recruitment discipline in previous recruitment examinations of public institutions.4. Persons who have been subject to party or government disciplinary sanctions for a period of time or are under disciplinary examination, persons who have been subject to criminal punishment for a period of time or are under judicial investigation for which no conclusions have been drawn.5. Public servants of organs and institutions who have been dismissed for less than 5 years.6. Public servants of government organs and institutions who have been dismissed.7. After the employment, there is an avoidance relationship with the relevant personnel of the employer.8. Non-recent graduates in school.9. Drug users.10. Persons subject to joint punishment for trust-breaking according to law.11. Other circumstances that are stipulated by laws, regulations, rules and policies.Recruitment procedures Adhere to the principles of openness, equality, competition and selection. Under the leadership of qiubei County Public Institutions Open Recruitment leading group, the interview is organized and implemented by Qiubei County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, coordinated and cooperated by Qiubei County Education and Sports Bureau, and supervised by discipline inspection and supervision department in the whole process.(I) Time Arrangement The registration time of qiubei County public Institutions In short supply Talent Recruitment work plan in 2022 is from the date of the announcement of “wenshan Prefecture in 2022 open recruitment of 102 Public institutions in short supply talent” to 17:00 on April 29, 2022.After the recruitment, if there is a vacancy for the second recruitment, the specific issues will be announced.The recruitment of teachers in short supply is carried out through online registration, and each examinee can apply for only one position.Applicants who meet the application conditions and job requirements of this circular should fill in the application Form for the Position in shortage of Public Institutions in Wenshan Prefecture in 2022 (Attachment 2) and pack the electronic version of their ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, one-inch photo and other relevant certification materials required for the position (the email title is fixed format:Post code + name) should be sent to the corresponding registration email address of the post by email, and the applicant should contact the competent department of the employer by phone (please refer to the post plan for details on the registration email address and contact information). The registration not sent as required will be deemed invalid.2022 graduates but by school employment recommendation table must be in August 2022 (30 obtain corresponding graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, and other relevant qualifications required by the enter oneself for an examination station), to hire formalities when reviewing graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, post requirement of original certificate, etc., which can’t produce the original or check is unqualified, cancel the employment qualification.After the registration, the registration information submitted by the applicants will be examined for qualification.Only those who pass the qualification examination can participate in the subsequent examination and recruitment.Special reminder: the original application materials submitted by the applicants will be reviewed in the recruitment process. Once found to be false, the competent departments of the recruitment unit and qiubei Human resources and Social Security Bureau have the right to cancel the qualification of the applicants to participate in the subsequent recruitment examination and employment, and will be recorded in the personal integrity archive.(IV) Applicants for admission ticket should apply on May 9, 2022 (8:00-11:30 am, 14:30-17 PM) :30) Bring one original and one copy of the required materials (check the original and receive the copy) to room 305, Personnel Unit, third floor, Qiubei County Education and Sports Bureau for qualification confirmation, and get the admission ticket. Those who meet the conditions bring the admission ticket and their id card within the validity period for the interview.(5) The examination is not limited by the opening proportion, and a structured interview is adopted. The total score is 100, and the score will be announced on the spot;The interview mainly evaluates the interviewees’ language expression ability, communication and coordination ability, emergency handling ability, job-hunting motivation and job matching degree, manners and appearance, etc.The minimum qualified score is set at 60 points, and those below 60 points are not allowed to participate in the subsequent recruitment process.(1) Interview time: May 10, 2022, 14:30 PM to the end of the interview (if there is any change to notice).Position: Qiubei Middle School and Rui Lou Affiliated to Yunnan Normal University;Other positions: Mingyuan Building, Qiubei County No. 1 Middle School.2. Comprehensive Score Comprehensive score = Interview score.Comprehensive results, namely the interview results are rounded to keep two decimal numbers to be calculated and announced, after the expiration of the publicity without objection by the employing unit and I signed the “employment intention agreement”.When the comprehensive results are parallel (if the comprehensive results with two decimal numbers are the same, it will be regarded as the comprehensive results are parallel), the source of students in the county, the source of students in the state, the source of students in the province, the source of students outside the province will be determined in sequence.If the candidate still cannot be selected for the next recruitment according to the source of students, the recruitment team will make on-site additional trial to decide.(VI) After the physical examination, the candidates for physical examination will be determined according to their interview scores from high to low, which is equal to the number of positions to be recruited.For those candidates who have not obtained graduation certificate, degree certificate and other relevant qualifications required by the post when registering, the competent authorities shall organize physical examination for those qualified for the recruitment after examination after the candidates have obtained graduation certificate, degree certificate and relevant qualifications, and the time will be notified separately.The standard of physical examination shall refer to the General Standard of Physical Examination for Civil Servants Recruitment (Trial) and relevant regulations, and the cost of physical examination shall be borne by the examiners.Those who do not pass the physical examination shall not participate in the subsequent recruitment process.(7) Inspection and inspection mainly refer to and inspect the personnel (student status) files, credit files, ideological and political performance, moral quality, etc., of the personnel to be employed, those who fail to pass the inspection will not be employed;Those who fill in false information or provide false certification materials shall not be employed.(8) Publicity inspection qualified personnel as candidates to hire, qiubei County people’s Government website (http://www.ynqb.gov.cn/) publicity, please log in to view the relevant information.(ix) Filling If any vacancy occurs due to any of the following circumstances, the vacancy can be filled according to the comprehensive scores of the applicants from the highest to the lowest: 1.The applicant fails to meet the requirements for physical examination or inspection;2. The results publicized by the candidate to be hired affect the employment;3. The proposed candidate has given up the employment.(10) If there is no objection at the expiration of the employment publicity period, the employment formalities shall be handled according to relevant regulations and procedures.(1) The relevant documents attached to this circular have the same effect as the circular. Please read them carefully. Applicants must provide their information and contact information accurately and truthfully when registering.All consequences arising from failure to comply with the regulations or personal negligence shall be borne by the applicants themselves.(2) Applicants should pay attention to local epidemic prevention and control requirements and actively abide by and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.(III) The recruitment of this urgently needed position will not specify examination counseling book, nor hold or entrust any institution to hold examination counseling training class.(IV) For other matters not covered herein, please contact the county Human resources and Social Security Bureau or the competent department of the employer during working hours.Qiubei County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: 0876-4126084 Qiubei County Education and Sports Bureau: 0876 — 4128487 qiubei County People’s Government website:http://www.ynqb.gov.cn vi. Discipline Requirements (I) During the registration process, candidates should log on to relevant websites to learn about the recruitment process and notice of relevant matters, and keep the contact telephone number registered at the time of registration unblocked.If because the person that register for an examination does not get online in time or contact telephone is not unblocked and cause consequence, by oneself be responsible for.(2) The examinees who violate the examination and employment discipline, fill in false information to register or resort to fraud in the examination shall be dealt with in accordance with the Regulations on Handling Violations of Disciplines and Regulations in Open Recruitment of Public Institutions, Order No. 35 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security;If an employee has been employed, the contract shall be rescinded and the employee shall be dismissed once it is verified;Those who violate the law shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling.(3) In the process of recruitment, the circumstances that should be avoided shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the Regulations on The Withdrawal of Personnel Management in Public Institutions. Those who violate the regulations shall be dealt with or punished by the organization according to law.The disciplinary inspection and supervision organs accept the problems reflected in the recruitment work and deal with them seriously according to relevant regulations if the investigation is true.Report telephone: Qiubei County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee dispatched to the County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Discipline inspection and Supervision group: 0876-4657518 Annex: 1: in 22 Wenshan State public institutions in shortage of job recruitment plan.Shortage of wenshan 2022 institutions recruitment application form. XLS hill north county human resources and social security bureau on April 8, 2022 article source: https://wenshan.huatu.com/2022/0408/1571192.html