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Wang Kang, a native of Changshu, Jiangsu province, is a member of the city poetry Association and the China Couplet Association.Love classical literature, infatuated with landscape scenery and human phenology, leisure sentiment occasionally sent in the text, feeling xing Toby in the pen.The grass and trees of my hometown, especially my concern.Spring to vegetation xinxin warm oblique, blouses the farmhouse with red.Spring breeze asked the world, which advanced river village?Summer scenery best in the farmhouse, half of the new courtyard garden flowers.Near noon do not worry about no next dish, pick some eggplant and loofah.Meet years do not remember true, but know kiss every smile.See the movie wipe shoulder, just busy call old friend.Township path morning dog bark cock half open fei, lotus green trees reflected in the sunshine.What does a flock of wild birds search for?They refuse to fly in the rice field.Yushan view sun grass full of flowers, fragrant wind all the way to the clouds.Sloping head rising sun red face, climb over xinfeng zhao ten thousand.Maple leaf old friends hiking with wind, mid-mountain maple leaf dyed clear sky.Why last night after autumn frost, the person more spirit leaf more red?The orchid branches and leaves are green and half shade, and the south window is now accompanied.Always not with zhongfang chased, light fragrance into my heart.After the rain xing Fu Temple mountain often xiu MAO, more quiet after the rain.Trees reach high to heaven, springs flow from deep valleys.Xiao Feng at the beginning of the door, if every autumn refreshing.According to the ancient temple under the forest, the millennium foot victory swim.Red beans stay warm grain true, should be remembered to your people.Gradually far river wind cold, empty don gull kiss.Day oblique cloud send meaning, on the tears stained towel.Has become aware of acacia bitter, afraid of southern spring.”Spring Outing” by Mr. Sha Ronggan. Where is it good to be free in leisure time? Walk around the city with people.Cherry blossoms on both sides of the red heap, smoke three points dyed green.Purple Swallow willow before wearing rustle, huang Yingting outside the sound.Usually very love such a scene, a little micro name not to fight.”Spring Tour rugao Water Painting Garden and Huaimaobi (Xinjiang) Dong Xiaowan” Winding path through the secluded layout, a pool of clear water hidden flowers.Like the sound of a distant guest, no beauty dance shadow red.Boat strike the day before, pavilions yiliu twilight wind.Boudoir long recall Qinhuai month, several degrees lean lean listen to broken Hong.Yushan autumn layer forest wet cui wrapped autumn smoke, walking mountain bai-yan.Frost leaves spread red damask, chardonnay carved azure sky.Xinfeng wins qingyan, stone house to find you before the ancient tree.Looking back at the west Lake floating jade belt, the graceful dance is graceful.After the rain yushan grass qing, xin-feng-ting little pedestrian.Colorful gas rock head hanging, winding stream bottom singing.Water diffuse tea field wear butterfly, smoke fan mulberry tree falling warbler.Midair flying catkins wind wet, stained clothes can love?Spring sun is the lakeside schoolmate family reunion every spring is the day to appreciate flowers, xueyou new home near paddy field.On the house hill flying drizzle, fence willow brush smoke.Suburban line to find victory mei zhi dense, wang Wenxiang yan wheat.Half day chat more laugh things, long greed lake color about every year.Spring to Yushan Spring to Yushan Mountain more clear, colorful day if the first sunny.The stone path between the flowers invade sweet, the pine branch v. love in the wind.Yan cut cloud mark wings fine, fish bomb creek qu is very light.Happy to find the heart drunk, humming a new song all the way.Village house immovable mu Qinghui in the morning in the countryside, static look at the village into cuiwei.Green river wind fine, green Yang Yin rain.A group of gull wear out of the forest, thousands of peach blossom clip shore fly.There is no such thing as close to the noise of the city.Square tower wins but surprised the creator, spire meaning if painting the sky.In the bird’s voice, in the shadow of the sun.Flowing water 潆洄 floating jade belt, castle peak vaguely listed screen.After several times in the light of the fire, the world with ancient feelings.View wisdom village far to see light smoke to bixiao, place oneself on ridge to wait for spring tide.River flower reflected red sand road, outside the longevity bridge xia PI.All around the new wind heart agitate, a bay of living water dream fuyao.To the village scene as a picture, always put harmony as a line.Qian Liu tomb outside the west gate bamboo forest, motherland huaiyun gas deep.As one of the four seas, we have fled to India to recall our war cry.Who knows the tears of the survivors in the poem, balance over the saviour heart.Lai has confidante white hair, gold bottle sandalboard and micro Yin.Geng Jing Tang Yang Liu Yiyi Ten li Tang, yihong water through the farmhouse.Oblique smoke drizzle through the forest, wine new vegetables across the shore incense.A few light boats take far dreams, sometimes the path to see the setting sun.The breeze blows the mind drunk, always want to meet people say my township.Some pictures are transferred from the network, only for appreciation, communication and sharing. 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If the copyright owner has any objection, please contact the editor to delete.In full micro publication submission guidelines see past highlights: six birthday special friends will all poets nonyl Yin chun, in full big worship 2021 “lushan mountain autumn famous pen” walking a successful ending My margin of lushan the latter rain poem: I walk with full day LangXiaoMei: and I hoist the wei spread wood: I in full with two or three things ZhuoYing: I and forge these ren-ping liu:Hoist, is I this life the wrong but zi-yi Yang: “forge” over the years and I li (New Zealand) to conclude the story of the poem with full Liu Nengying: I and forge ying-jian hu: over the years and I hoist the Guo Shunmin: over the years and hoist the past together day qiu-lian Chen: I am in full and zhang: over the years in full impression austral bagpipe: I in full and in recent years about:I took advantage of the hoist is Maya Qian Zhizhong (American) : in full gratitude LeiHaiJi: I know the “full” Xiao Yuhan: bamboo edge, and I hoist the Cui Dehuang: I am full of affection Song Shanling: I and hoist the outstanding yuan cui apricot flowers: I’m full LingZeXin: over the years I in full and how three years: story Wu Bin in full and I have to say: I know hoist the “five one” girl Lin:My Years with Yunfan Duan Wei: What happened to Yunfan and ME Chu Jia Chong: Chuyang, Yunfan and ME Zhang Xiaohong:I in full and in recent years have snow In full song For the sixth anniversary the birth of platform in full 2022 new poetry conference | | 2021 autumn, lushan national chung yeung festival poetry conference national famous pen Qixi poetry conference qiankun with moment,Lifted up his eyes, and no father’s day Poetry poets gathering in full conference 472 2021 mother’s day poems congress youth frequently | | 20212021 goddess section poetry conference, hoist the national winter jasmine, worship boxer chung yeung festival poetry conference this month according to the ancients once | |Hoist, boxer poetry conference boxer Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese poetry in full conference 2020, father’s day poetry conference 2020, the goddess of poetry, 2020 mother’s day poems, assembly 2020 | |New poetry conference, hoist the boxer winter jasmine, big full worship has gived the winter jasmine worship and platform to create a third anniversary special first “hoist the friends all good campaign” winning entries in full public friends, will be 2019 held in lushan has gived the autumn collections of hoist the lushan conference, (a) has gived the autumn collections of hoist the lushan conference, (2) has gived the late autumn, collections of hoist the lushan conference, (3)In the evening of spring of Jihai yunfan Lushan Studio, There is no peak to look up to and The pleasant way to live in — Consultant of kuanglu Yangzhi Eight Yinyunfan team (in order of the time of accepting the invitation) Xiong Dongao, Xiong Shengyuan, Yang Yiming, Li Shuxi, Zhong Zhenzhen, Zhou Xiaotian, Deng Shiguang, Zhang Haiou, Zhou Yanting, Xing Han, Jiang LAN, Bao Pu Shusheng, Fang Weiting, Xin Duan WeiLin Feng (Hong Kong), Hu Yingjian, Wei Xinhe, Chen Rende, Liu Nengying, Nan Guangxun, Ma Jianxun, Zhou Da, Yang Ziyi, Wang Yuming, Ling Zexin, Tang Shuangning, Huang Youfu, Legal Counsel, Li Qingan, Planning (in no particular order), South Bagpipes, Luo Qihu, Chaofeng, Li Jun, He Qisan, Li Jing, Wei Shuding, Xing Taotao, Han Baohui, Xiao Yi, Shi Jiao, A ZhuDuan Wei Outreach (ranked in no particular order) Wu Jinjing, such as Zuo Qishun, Yuan Xiaohong, Chen Xing, Sun Wen, Cao Jiang, Ning Fei, also edited (in chronological order), Safety east cui Dehuang, Banyin Lu, Bao Pu Shusheng, Song Shanling, Xiao Yuhan, Lang Xiamei, Cui Xinghua, Tang Hao Yu art editor, Zhang Xiaohong, Niu Ying Ping, Received manuscript, Niu Ying Ping, Wood xi, Zou Zhihong, Lei Yan, Zhao Wenhan, Hanink tongIn full considerable executive editor of the latter rain poem, friends, personal albums, assembly (add) ☟ melody Xiong Dong ao Fan Shiyin Li Shuxi Zhou Duwen Chen Liu Meng fu Xiong Sheng yuan Zhong Zhenzhen ying-jian hu Wei Xinhe Gaochang Zhou Yanting zheng xinmiao zhi-xi qian Fang Wei ling feng Jiang Lan Duan Weiding hin The goldwater walking jay jun unknown Liu Qinglin Liu Nengying ren-der Chen Deng Shiguang Cai Shiping were stunnedZhao Jingzhan, Xiao Yuhan, Wang Zhe, Kanbanyin Lu, Cui Dehuang, Cui Xinghua tang Hao Yu Weisanmu bao Pu Shusheng, Shen Huawi, Su Some yu yu, Zhang Hongguo wu Lisheng, Xu Jinru, Qu Jie, Pan Hong, Li Arzhu jinrui, Tian Xu Shennan, Xie Lang, Luo Wei, Cui Kun, Qianshan, Zhou Xiao, Bao Dezhen, Liao Guohua, Yao Quan, Liu Daoping, Lang XiaomeiLi Baoguo security how three east Meng Yiyi zhi-yong he Wu Huayong Xiao Jianyong canal to light Tang Shuangning Zhang Zhishen Chen Yiqing Dai Linjun Xu Zhongmei Li Xinglai Li Zongyuan cai-xia song RanChangChun wench LingZeXin Lin GengLiDong red of Confucianism Hai-yang liao Yang qiang YongPing guide water YanHe Cao Hui czy He Jingwu jin Quiet Zhao Ying really treasure Li Weiliang Wang Jibo hai-liang wang han mo rainPour a cabinet kurafi Wang Yuming He Yongyi Zhang Jiaan xiao-hong zhang Kong Fanyu wang yangming Zhou Zean Wang Donglin Soo-min Jo Zeng Junfu wang ls chao-chun wang Feng Zhongping Li Zengshan 闫震 He Ge li jing every ChuCheng MuBai Guo qi zheng jie playing zhang He Qiangchu rushed home Chen Siming XingTaoTao Huang Youfu Cheng Yunqin Li Rongcong Chen xiaomin zi-yi Yang Chen Chuming chun-ju lee Xu Junli floor standing swordKong Xiangeng, Ma Xusheng, Tang Yunlong, Lu Yumei, Liu Shuguang, Yang Senxiang, Guo Yin, Zhou Yishan, Zhang Yinhua, Ma Jianxun, Qi Liyan, Zhou Weifang, Han Yiyun, Guo Dinggan, Yao Xiaoming, Dong Xuezeng, Hu Chaofeng, Zhang Mingxin Forest View cloud hu Wenhan Liu South Terrace Level history Of External History View game without a word, listen to the snow and sui Qian, The Wind of Jin, Hu XiaomingEver really dream smoking faye chun-jie Yang Wang Liangzhong ying-ming liou Li Meng chi xiu-ping bai kit hui NiChangSheng Zhang Fangjun Li Haochen Ma Zhengrong lu-ping zhou Cai Hongliu Cao Shuyou xin-yue Yang Han Bao remit Jiang Shihong Wang Shantong qing-hui zhang rong-sen deng cao following MeiChuLing haze when jade d love and check xi-bo liu xiao yu huang ying ZuoQiShun jian-zhang zhang feng qing sun YouYou MeiLu Long Peikuang CDH Jiang Bin Huang Mang light rainZhu Sicheng, Dai Aiqin, Peng Zhongwen, Wang Yingjin, Deng Shoukang, Shen Jianyu, Nan Guangxun, Hu Shuilian, Hua Huijuan, Hou Xinghong, Haitianfeng, Ma Jianhua, ZHANG Lifu, Zhang Haiyan, Yang Yongmin, Ma Donkey, Zheng Xiaojing, Yang Jingqiao, Wang Liuhua, Huang Hui, Chen Zhiwen, Feng Enze, Cheng Liangbao, Xiong Hualu, Zhou Jitan, Sun Linqing, Nanfeng, Feiye, Meliloshi, Jade, Chan, He He, Cao Qian, Pan SongTongyin An Er Yue Er Wang Haina MAO Gufeng Cheng Yuzhen Li Ruyi Jiang Youliang Hashengli Chen Yaguo Zhou Xuefeng Zhou Xiangdong Yan Jinyao Jiang Changdian Liu Taipin Yang Yi ‘an Fu Xiaoping Ba Xiaofang Liu Jinhu Wang Shijian Guo Yajun Li Zhengan Tao Yongde Wang Huiling Sun CAI Zhang Yiyuhong Lao Hu Wenshang Chen Yue Liu YanXiao Mengmeiqing, Wang Qiong, Fu Zhankui, CHU Baozeng, Shao Tianzhu, Leng Yingchun, Liu Hongxia, Duan Xingchao, Kong Xiangjin, Gu Xuechao, Zhu Shaocong, Chen Shaocong, Yan Shuizhen, Wang Huiling, Wu Xiaoxiang, Liu Qinwen, Gu Qingling, Wang Hanlin, Su Xiaoyin, Wu Jiandong, Yan Yan, Xinxin, Natural Calm, Meng Xin, Wen Jie, Lu Xing, Ma Zheng, Zhang Lin, Fan Ling, DafanAlpine holding in yong Wang Yuedi WengHanChun zhong Yang Xiong Tianxi Huang Qishen three xia li pan lele zhan jiang close friends Guo Baoguo RuanLiPing LeiHaiJi zheng-qing zhang jin-ping liu yong-jiang wang Shen Chen Cheng Zhang can is Jian-jun xu yao TuHongFei anew Wang Hongjuan Li Haibiao yan-bin zhang Liu Qingtian Zhou Fengjun Zhong Zibang Zhang Yanshan Zhang Bojin zhang heping Hu Pinggui When horizontal line Chen Maiqi Chen prominent 闫双 Yang Baoxiang qing-an liYu Xiuling, Luo Xiaojuan, Li Ruihe, Huang Xiaoxia, Hong Junmo, Song Xiaoguang, Chen Shaoping, Lin Zhixiong, Kang Yongyong, Wu Hanlin, He Naizheng, Poetry shadow with spring, Yu Li, Zhou Daqian, Yang Minqiao, Feng Tian, MAO, Li Bing, Liang Feng, Liu Jun, Zhou Jingjing, Such as thin bamboo, Linglong, Wu Nan, Su Yan, Wen Sen, Qin Feng, Su Sheng, Qiu Bao, Zhou Qin, Fan Yi, Kun Bu, Feng Hua, Jin Shishui, Li YunhuaYang Shi-long Wang Jiquan, Niu Yingping, Xie Shaocheng, Liang Erbai, Ye Zhaohui, Jiang Yongzhen, Fang Yueming, Zhang Jinying, Chen Jinru, Tang Long, Xu Qi, Zhang Yang, Tian Fang, Jing Yun, Wei Deng, Wu Bin, Zhang Lei, Tu, Xiao Yi, An Hongbo, Zhu Ningyu, Qi, Hao Feng, Lu Hongli, Zhang Jianjun, Cao Shuzhen, Zeng Jiquan, Zhang Qingyun, Gao Yumao 𫉁 Song HuPurple bodhi jin-wei lu Yuan Shaozao written raw Yang lixin Zhao Qing achieving MeiWei peak qiu-lian Chen wei and incomparable Zheng Liwang a Ge six RaoHuiXi Korea open scene also Wang Huiwei Cao Guoxiang Wu Ronghu changhong to chant MeiMeiFeng cloud ji-hui jiang ying-juan zhang xiao-ling shi xiao-lin qiu show peng meng Cui Xiuchun zhi-wen gao rainy season cong-ying wang wang correction ZhuoYuLang Chen Zhusong Yu Hongxia JueDongMing Xu Jihong Wu Changling Zhou Jizhou zhang jz Song Shanling hui LAN heartFang Fang Fengyun Hu Peng Ziyun Zuo Yun Dai Qingsheng Li Wenchao Wu Hongbin Zhuang Huilongjian LI Hongxing LIU Zhengzhong ZHOU Hongping LIU Gang Guogong Qin Yunshang Qingshi Aten Qilian Xue Fang Jianfei Zhu Changyuan Zhao Ruisong Wu Shuoxian Xing Jianjian Chu Zhaoshi Zheng DengpingTo tzu chi ping Joseph scheier-dolberg jin-mei Chen gladiator beast darius whole high toward first He Yangyi Zhong Yong agent XiaoFangZhu Liao Runchang Zhang Youming Lou LengFu shao-gang wang p Zheng Anchu snow let Wang Xiaolin yan qiu Lin qiu word Zhang Weixin Guo Shunmin Cai Yu red Jin Yue Cheng Zhiyuan Lu Jingfang baldheaded loy to firewood Korea master yu-zhu deng shines HuaYue your spring Wang Junhui poplar hai-yang Chen Ma Xinghui Zhou Zuofu up rain lent Xu Zhongqiu Li Yixian Zhou Leishi folded ZhanQiang stylewen Gao YouGroup of Cao XinpinFawn yo yo tiger rock three little Zhou Jianqiao chu Bai Qichen girls siu-tong zheng yue Wu Wenyan Tian Chengcai li song FuZhouWen akira sun peace guo sheep ChengLiuWen Chen Jingbao waves Mao Ruihua hong yan lu-ning liu zhang zhijian Gong Qingyi bing xin dust-free ZhaiXiangJie cows can Zhao Qiukai sheen found Huang Xiangshou calligraphy child who He Xiangyi Huang Congming YueChunXia guo sea Yu Zhiwu Tan Jun He Jiangfu wei Wang Zhanmei Xu Genghua Wang Yuan Fang Ding navy rustling XingYin zhangYu Mei Qian Zhizhong Peng Shiyun Bi Yu Xiao Zi Yu Huang Tao Ye Yongxin white hair wang Haiyan Zhang Xiaohong Lu Yu poem Cao Chu Yang Wang Kang absolute law selected cloud masthead inscription: Wei Xinhe;Masthead GIF: Deng Lixuan (Malaysia)This album is presented exclusively by yunfan Poetry club, and shall not be reproduced without authorization