My little tail: the brother and sister of 25 years old is not common, Nie Zening textbook level take baby, too warm heart

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“My Little Tail” 4 sets of brother and sister, each have their own hotspot, among which the biggest age difference is 25 years, directly reflects the current situation of multiple children.Simple introduction of four pairs of siblings: Wang Ruihan and heart brother and sister, from the first season of the “waste firewood brother” into a baby expert, heart sister is also growing rapidly, although will make small temper, but the sister is good cure.Nie Zening and An an brother and sister, age difference reached 25 years old, two years old sister can ski, can recite poetry, mind and limbs are quite powerful.As the oldest brother on the show, parenting is textbook.Deng Zaming and Simi brother and sister, naive brother often cry “small make fine” sister, every day in the staging of breaking off, and good repeat story, as if into a cycle, is a pair of “joy enemy”.Chi Yi and Yi Yi, brother and sister, have the smallest age difference on the show. The elder brother is 17 and the younger sister is 5.One is simply a “little bully”, but she can also be a good sister to take care of other sisters, can also take care of the reverse brother.General brother and sister are growing up together to scold, and the younger sister is young and girl, sweet and cure of the small cotton-padded jacket will be more loved by the family.For the elder brother, the younger sister took away the love, originally those belong to their own things, all lost, in the family status plummeting, so how do brother and sister live in peace?Nie Zening, the “anning brother and sister”, is the eldest brother in the show, and the younger sister is very young. On the surface, the older brother is a “bully” and has a lot of muscle, but when they meet the younger sister, they always repeat words.”Do you want to have dinner?”For a while, he asked, “How delicious is everything my brother does?”The guest said he was “the ceiling of the word circle”, and his brothers said he was a gentle iron man.Eldest brother is simply brother in the textbook, her sister Ann, not to mention, is a real “two-year-old independent woman”, very sensible, too popular, really want to Ann mother out of a how to cultivate Ann’s tutorial.The eldest brother is not only the elder brother of the younger sister, but also the elder brother among the elder brothers.In the program, he not only has to take good care of his sister, but also take good care of his younger brothers, playing a “patriarch” role.In the finale, the other brothers give their sister a talent show.As a big brother, he presented a PPT presentation to introduce the project of “Anning Group” to everyone. It was so touching.Who wouldn’t want such a fairy brother!Finally, the finale of nie Zening to the two-year-old sister an said to everyone:I want you to be a coward can listen to a song, standing on the field images can enjoy the sunshine of the day can also be observed in the dead of night closed his eyes when the moon is covered with the sea opened his eyes with the stars of hope in the future you still keep in a gentle to face the world when you face the world don’t be afraid and don’t feel fear was so touched,Why don’t I have such a fairy brother?That hope elder brother’s company goes public as soon as possible, the program of next season, had better still have you!Did you see My Little Tail 2?Which brother and sister pair do you like best?My little tail: Xu Mengjie’s “social death” is nothing, Wang Yaoqing’s experience is absolutely god!Flash band: cater to the audience gossip heart, 4 embarrassing scene point, too will make trouble!Flash band: Rune fei is also an insider?Letter unsolicited call fans flash band: “Little White Horse” won understandable, “next” why will lose?