Jiangxi’s three “embarrassing wines”, no one knows when they were brilliant, but now they are abandoned because of their small reputation

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“Wen can jinshi crown the world, and wu will surely settle the army.The world is full of outstanding men and women, half Jiangxi.”Yes, this is Jiangxi.Jiangxi province is really too low-key!Jingdezhen, the capital of Porcelain in China, and Lushan, a World cultural heritage site, are exactly that “lushan is not recognized as the true face of lushan, but only in this mountain.”There are Tengwangge, Wang Bo “Tengwangge preface” is made here, “jiangnan three famous buildings” one of the Tengwangge is located in the west of the Yangtze River, Nanchang, Jiangxi river, exquisite and beautiful, when the real into here, really understand, Wang Bo wrote the “spectacular”.Wuyuan, the most beautiful village in China…They are all in jiangxi province.If you travel to Jiangxi, these places should not be missed.When it comes to delicious and delicious foods, we have to mention: Qiyun Mountain sour and jujube cake, Jinxi lotus root sugar, Huangshang Huanghuang stewed products, Jiangxi rice noodles, Wuyuan Mingmei in Wuyuan, Lushan Cloud and fog in Lushan, Jiangxi Special wine, Dui Hua wine and so on….When it comes to jiangxi wine, these 3 brands can be really embarrassing, brilliant in the whole Jiangxi is unknown, no one is not known, but now because of small reputation and abandoned.1. Camphor tree — Four special wine Four special wine is the pioneer of special flavor wine, four special wine was high in the 1980s, at that time, to buy four special wine, you need to queue up to buy tickets.After the 1990s, the domestic liquor developed rapidly, but at this time, Because of internal disagreements and management problems, The Special liquor lagged behind, fell to the bottom, faded out of the public perspective.Since then, there has been no major action, although the reform has been, but there is no big splash, has long ceased to be the glory of the old.The quality of Site wine has its own characteristics. When brewed, the whole grain of rice is used as the raw material, neither crushing nor breaking the wall. The wine cellar is made with large curved bran and lees and red ochre stone.The quality of the wine has the characteristics of aroma, maotai-aroma and clear flavor. The whole wine is clear, fragrant, pure and mellow, with unique flavor.The entrance is mainly thick and sweet, falling mouth belongs to the refreshing fragrance, after taste with sauce wine burnt incense, three incense with, but do not rely on.Guangdong Shaoguan Dui Huagu wine is still struggling to adhere to and inherit the style of Jiangxi Dui Huagu wine, but jiangxi Dui Huagu wine, the “old house” has lost itself, developed both fragrant and luzhou-fragrant liquor, dui Huagu wine decline who should be blamed?To say that duanhua wine in the propaganda but very have their own strength, and national hero Wen Tianxiang some legend, in the brand communication took a big bargain, but duanhua wine seems to like to follow the trend, get out of other flavor, put their own expertise aside.At present, there are some wine powder in ji ‘an area, in other places of the market can be very embarrassing, if you can make the wine stable, more good wine, I believe that the market will increase a lot of flowers.Jiujiang — One of the “Time-honored brands in China” in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, sold out in the 1980s, with the total output of 6,895 tons. At that time, the sales revenue was 18.01 million yuan, and the production and sales scale were very huge, becoming the No.1 in jiangxi wine industry.Sheng extreme will decline on the verification of the sealing cylinder wine, in the wave of liquor reform, sealing cylinder brewery positive reform, however, the way did not choose, was originally the main yellow wine to liquor and beverage, but the market acceptance is not high, market share cliff type decline.The liquor company was bought by Jing Lefang after it barely made ends meet, but it has been quiet for years.These 3 brands are really enough pity, but the wine market is such that can not tolerate the wrong line, look at the famous wine will know, really prestigious and famous, spell is “no mistake” and “thunder means”, the most afraid of the wine enterprise is to go wrong, but can not cut the mess in time.Look at our old two wuliangye liquor, then ate it up in a wave of branded wine bonuses, even beat moutai has become the industry “boss”, but after the disadvantages of branded wine show, the thunder means to cut the Gordian knot, although came in second, but than, fell so much wine, also is “great courage”.In addition to the three brands in Jiangxi, there are many wine brands, although the wine quality is good, but because of this operation, the line is wrong, and led to the wine is good but not known by most wine friends.This moutai Houdao wine from Moutai town in Guizhou province is also one of them. Feng Xiaoning, a national wine critic and one of the famous Moutai eight Immaculates, was specially invited to make the wine.Traditional kunsha brewing process, the raw material is selected from local high quality small red tassel, thick skin, low starch content, resistant to cooking and fermentation.However, in the early stage, only focus on the quality of the wine, while ignoring the investment in advertising, resulting in this wine although drinking friends say good, but also limited to the local maotai town explosion.Too bad.Pure maotai-flavor, delicate wine quality, harmonious and elegant aroma, not dull nor gorgeous, very comfortable.The wine body entrance is mellow and delicate, floral and fruity, harmonious and comfortable, neither dull nor light. The wine body is three-dimensional and layered, and the lower throat is very smooth, not scraping the throat, just like silk.The fragrance is long and lasting.In addition to this wine, there are yulin Spring in Yunnan, Yilite in Xinjiang, Lutai Spring in Tianjin, And Jiaojing in Shandong…Although the wine quality is good but due to improper handling, although there are highlights, now it is hard to hide the loneliness.