From fu Wa to Bing Dwen Dwen, the three-dimensional path of IP, the Olympic mascot

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| | wen wu Dui Dui, the author ear east Chen man is fled but delicious.Bing Dwen Dwen came out that year, dislike the panda fat neck, when the mascot no new voice.Conventional wisdom would have it that her winter Olympics appearance, fat as Carmen, should be laughed at.As a result, in the one-sided “so cute” sound, ice pier pier into the top flow.Red half a month, caused the potential of empty room, suspected collapse of the house controversy, was taken to mark Ling Na Belle (are no works of the top flow), and incarnate the Olympic history of the first mascot animated film “Our Winter Olympics” leading role……Pier born track, ups and downs.Different from the fuwa, Bing Dwen Dwen, as IP, the Mascot of the Olympic Games, is not simply a cartoon attached to the Olympic Games in addition to promoting the Olympic Games and Olympic knowledge.The Winter Olympic Games will end, but ice dun dun to eat the dividend and turned over the car, China IP operation, still need.I still remember when the Mascot fuwa of Beijing Olympic Games was just born (2005), the primary school students discussed whether the five fuwa were male or female at the front and back table.At that time only know the name of the fuwa from “Beijing welcome you” homonym, and then according to the color and homonym, imagine gender.The speculation ended when the cartoon Fuwa (2007) made it clear that Beibei and Nini were girls and Jingjing, Huanhuan and Yingying were boys.At the time, I didn’t think it was ridiculous to find out the gender of the Olympic mascots, nor did I realize that it was a sign of excessive desire to snoop on the virtual IP. I just thought it was a way to enrich the conversation between classes.It wasn’t until this year that Bing Dwen dwen made an adult male voice under his head that he realized that curiosity could not only kill the cat, but also destroy the cuteness of the mascot.The Olympic Charter has long stated that mascots are gender-neutral and nonverbal.The underlying logic of this rule is consistent with the Olympic spirit that “everyone shall have the possibility to participate in sport without discrimination of any kind and as a reflection of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play”.As for why mascots can’t speak, once they do, they will reveal their gender.”Fuwa” animation is CCTV animation Co., LTD., Shenzhen Phoenix Star film and television media Co., LTD., jointly produced before the 2008 Olympic Games, the main purpose is to popularize the 100 years of Olympic history and Olympic spirit to the public.Although animated mascots have a gender, the fuwa in the main Olympic stadium after the opening of the games do not speak or gender.However, as the Olympics kicked off in earnest and the public’s attention was drawn to all kinds of events, Beibei Jingjing welcomed Nini to the scene and talked about it.Therefore, the mascot IP has no gender this small range of knowledge, has become a virtual IP operation hidden thunder.The reporter wearing an ice cap to interview Yang Shuorui, a freestyle skier, was struck.The incident raises two questions: First, who, apart from a specific player, has access to the mascot during the Games, and what kind of basic training is lacking in China.Second, jumping out of the Context of the Winter Olympics, bingdwen dwen collapse exposed the way of China’s virtual IP operation, which has not yet formed a clear general knowledge environment.Puppeteers cannot speak, which is not a widely recognized concept in China’s virtual IP operation.Although there are many posts on popular science about the weight of Disney dolls’ headsets, calling on the public to be kind to them and not to attack them, it is unclear what and why they should not be played under the headsets.Following the opening of ice Dun dun, the male reporter took off his head in the program, and the serial collapse began.A host asked the audience, “Aren’t you curious that There is a handsome man in The ice Cube?”Little red book, there is ice dun dun puppet actor sun “complete the mission”……It is not hard to see that the purpose of these actions is to further interact with the audience.But dolls are popular because they are containers for people’s “imaginary cuteness”.Real person appear, break is people to lovely imagination.The conventional operation of Chinese-style virtual IP still stays in the animation characters of Sun Wukong Nezha, such as The sheep, sheep and Bear, etc. Real, specific and people wearing animal skin are the mainstream operation ideas.But in fact, the environment has changed.In fact, whether a virtual character can speak or not is not directly appealing to viewers.From the mascot “Le Le” of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games was featured by netizens due to its ugly appearance, Kumamoto became popular in China, Ling Nabel became the female star of Sichuan Sand, and now Bing Dandong Dwen, all the way show one thing: when the influence of virtual IP is no longer bound by time and space and the audience can interact with the symbols,Its appeal depends on the audience’s symbolic attachment to IP.To put it simply, in the overall context of the Internet breaking through time and space, the more three-dimensional the personality of an IP is, the more it can stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience for interaction. The more the audience deconstructs and creates its image, the more it can supplement the humanization of IP.Take Bing Dwen Dwen for example, the Olympic mascot is its identity, fat is its appearance characteristics, taking the elevator, walking is its anthropomorphic behavior, fat to get out of the elevator was stuck by the door, is its distinctive.”Carmen” embodies its fatness and forms a certain comedy, so fatness, as a basic point, is likely to send out more jokes.When the netizens queued for hours to buy back the Bing Dwen Dwen handban, and then opened its rock sugar shell, saw a fatter Bing Dwen Dwen, with the door stuck bing Dwen dwen formed an intertext.From a silent doll to the container of people’s emotions, tracing the origin is just a feature of the shape of Bing Dun Dun.There are online “Bingdwen Dwen overturned car collection”, which has Bingdwen Dwen Carmen, Bingdwen Dwen 1A jump to spin himself unconscious, Bingdwen dwen spin off his shoes, Bingdwen dwen sneak escape by snow moved to many funny scenes.Even if you can’t get the lovely people of Bing Dwen dwen, you will still be amused by the cute panda after reading the highlights.As the Olympic Mascot, it does not have a good body, sports people food addiction, some naughty and stupid from time to time, these specific characteristics can be generalized together, the formation of ice Dun dun three-dimensional image.Compared with the fuwa, which were more “superman” in the pre-Internet era, Bing Dwen Dwen, as the Mascot of the Olympic Games, has weaker propaganda meaning and stronger empathy ability.03 operating childlike innocence, the phenomenon is the destination of the cultural Winter Olympics, ice dun dun heat will continue?The objective fact is that the heat will dissipate.Unlike Disney’s IP Linabell, which can operate for a long time, Olympic mascots have a business term.Specified in the “Olympic charter”, the mascot during the Olympics and to celebrate, have full access, host of the Olympic Games, but after the games are over, all the emblem, mascot and other marks, designs, badges, posters, articles and documents of all rights or related rights shall be owned by the international Olympic committee (ioc) completely,Serve only the interests of the IOC in this regard.This is also the reason why the mascots of the Olympic Games have become history.Rao is so, bing Dun dun phenomenon is still China’s virtual IP explore the way.Bing Dandan’s design was originally good for children aged 8-10 years old, but it eventually created a huge buzz on social media and became the dream of young people. It is not hard to see the huge potential of the childlike innocence market.For young people living in a fast-paced world, cuteness culture is healing in its own right, with round-headed anthropomorphic animals/dolls inspiring protection and alleviating loneliness.In the increasingly fragmented information age, it has become more and more luxurious for young people to spend a whole period of time to understand an IP with a grand world view. Being able to hit the fragmented output of emotions is the key to affect young people.Riding the east wind of the Winter Olympics, ice dun dun meng out of the circle, and then with a short and fast way, showing a variety of “meng”, as long as the output of the underlying logic unity, so it does not have to tell a complete story, the audience will be pieced together.Consistent and different MOE, induced interaction and desire to buy.The higher the volume of the discussion, the higher the attention of the Olympic Games.On the surface, it seems to be the top flow effect, but in fact, the Olympic culture is still the foundation.Imagine how much a cartoon panda could move without the weight of the Winter Olympics itself.The same goes for Linabelle.Chuansha fox surface is to rely on the face out of the circle to attract people, for its beautiful and lovely endorsement, or Disney’s nearly 100 years of childlike innocence management.Wang Ning, the founder of Bubble Mart, defines the property of tide play as “it hollows out its own soul, and then it can put your soul into it. This is tide play.”It should be warned that trendy games, which rely on designer inspiration and marketing methods, can also have a fatal impact on IP if they are not properly designed or marketed without a more universal and profound cultural foundation.Temporary virtual IP, with no specific story and only its own characteristics, can form the phenomenon of a certain amount of sound.Audiences and consumers are emotionally involved in the fragmented material, and the appeal of the audience is easily lost with the loss of emotion and imagination.For virtual IP to evolve from a phenomenon to a culture, therefore, emotional stickiness remains the foundation.Emotions to fill the debris, marketing to a certain extent, still need to save the story.Ice Dun dun’s story is linked with a number of influential Chinese comic IP, as the first mascot film leading role in the history of the Olympic Games, it will be “Boonie bears” team, “Unhuman” team, puppet animation team, Shanghai art film studio into their respective short films.At that time, Bing Dwen Dwen is no longer the top flow without works, he will use the AI imitation of giant pandas, with the world’s first real sense of sound greeting.Not to mention the success of the film “Our Winter Olympics,” this is a culmination of Bing Dwen dwen’s career as a mascot and a prelude to the end of the Winter Olympics.Bing Dwen dwen is a hot IP phenomenon derived from the Olympic culture.The development of IP in China not only needs phenomena, but also needs to find a way to develop into a culture from the dividends and thunder that phenomena have enjoyed.