24 million euros per year!Iron guard soo la Liga first fat about, with Real Madrid gone with the wind, waiting for regret

2022-05-03 0 By

Real Madrid are set to sign kylian Mbappe in the summer, but have not stopped building their defence and midfield.Real Madrid in the last half of the year are very interested in the blues iron defender Luedig.Rudiger has been a brilliant defender for Chelsea this season.The player’s contract is due to expire in the summer for the last contract of his career.Ruediger has also started bidding for a big contract for himself.And his goal is clear, that is real Madrid, greater Paris, Chelsea between the play.Not clear about their next offer, but let the three continue to negotiate their own prices.Real Madrid have already offered him £173,000 a week, but Ruediger believes he can earn £225,000 a week.The deal is worth 24 million euros a year, the same salary as real Madrid’s previously visa-free David Alaba.Ruedig also knew that Real wanted a central defender so he was willing to pay a high price, which led to real’s side repeatedly to increase his prices.From last November’s salary of 15 million yuan per week to 180,000 yuan, now Ruediger wants 220,000 yuan, the increasingly outrageous price also feels.Real Madrid are asking for it, the players don’t have the belief to play for the team.He just wants to see which one pays the best.Real Madrid have now changed their attitude, they believe that alaba + Militang is enough to use, do not need to pay such a high price for Luedig.Ruedig is toying with Real Madrid and his bid for the top spot in La Liga will fail if they drop him.Having to accept Chelsea’s unilateral offer of a new contract, he has gone overboard and will regret it.