Zoucheng provincial agricultural high-tech industrial development zone was approved to set up

2022-05-02 0 By

Jining recently, shandong Provincial people’s government approved the establishment of Zoucheng provincial agricultural high-tech Industrial Development Zone, which is the first provincial agricultural high-tech industrial development zone approved by Jining.The core area of Zoucheng Agricultural and High-tech Zone is located in Dashu Town, Zoucheng City, with a planned area of 19.45 square kilometers. It is a provincial-level agricultural and high-tech zone with the theme of integrated development of the whole industry chain of edible and medicinal fungi.Zoucheng city in recent years, the agriculture high area to implement the strategy of rejuvenating innovation-driven development strategy and rural as the lead, to further promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side as the main line, the construction of the well-bred breeding base, mushroom mushroom kechuang garden, a number of key projects, such as super factory offer the medicinal food bacteria such as national high and new technology enterprise innovation business main body,It has established cooperative relations with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jilin Agricultural University, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other universities and research institutes, achieved remarkable achievements in the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, and strengthened the transformation and upgrading capacity of technology enabling industry.It is reported that Shandong Province agricultural high-tech industrial development Zone was launched by the provincial government in 2017, the province is now a total of 11, approved agricultural high-tech industrial development zone will be integrated into the provincial high-tech industrial development zone overall planning management, enjoy the current relevant policies.Next step, Zoucheng Agricultural high Zone will further highlight industrial characteristics, vigorously cultivate new forms of edible fungi industry, and contribute zoucheng power to build shandong Province to promote rural Qilu model.