Sanmenxia: 2 trapped in Elevator on New Year’s Eve

2022-05-02 0 By

On January 31, 2022 New Year’s eve sanmenxia righteousness city fire rescue brigade receives masses alarm righteousness, a district two people trapped elevator righteousness horse after receiving alarm immediately send fire 2 car 12 people to tackle on the scene when the fire rescue personnel trapped for workers and their families in the first calm after investigation found that the lift due to failure of 2 people were trapped in the middle of the fifth floor and 6th floorIs that they are not injured soon elevator maintenance personnel arrived at the scene also consider the elevator poor ventilation condition if you are trapped within a long time may cause the men breathing difficulties caused panic fire rescue personnel coordination elevator maintenance personnel to control rooms on the premise of ensuring security will lift the car slowly up to the 6th floor in order to ensure that the elevator down position accurate a firefighterOn the 6th floor, observe the elevator door that has been opened at any time and keep in touch with the general control room. After a few minutes, the trapped elevator car stopped at the 6th floor position accurately. The fire rescue personnel successfully opened the elevator car door with the key and rescued two trapped people one by one