Opposite play wild hang up also can be overturned?Into LCK history battle, Canyon retired in situ

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Can you stand the fact that you can’t win four and five in the opening game?In the statistics after the game, the two sides playing field output data difference of more than 1.5W, this can not win the game do you believe it?If you don’t have a clear idea of what a pro team should be, you may find the answer in the BO5 decider that will go down in LCK history when the DK is defeated by GEN.G.Once upon a time, DK is a signifies the highest athletic level of LCK division champion, after only two years to become the laughing stock of the largest, leading economic was hit this kind of thing I thought of ten thousand happened in EDG is only one, but now the DK “sick”, also didn’t have suddenly discovered that championship teams “ambiguity”.Through DK and GEN. G decider’s analyse, believe a lot of fans to DK should now also didn’t react. How did the game lost to GEN G, or even the reverse camera also didn’t see, is found just still in the storm GEN. G highlands, lens a sudden turn will break the highland player ID prefix replaced by GEN. G.But the rhythm and change of the professional game is so magical, even if the opening opposite let you play a wild, if there are any mistakes, mistakes in decision-making and lax thinking, twisted into a string of four people is completely able to defeat the scattered five people.The most common comment about this tiebreaker is: DK lost but Canyon didn’t, but is that really the case?Have you reflected on the fact that DK put all his hopes and hopes into Canyon in the last game, and canyon itself is the one responsible for this?Through the analysis of THE WHOLE DK lineup BP, it is obvious that they play poke lineup completely hope in the game before 25 minutes, if the DK can successfully break the two heights before 25 minutes, then the game can be easily won, but if the DK early advantage is big enough,Or if GEN.G is the first to get the dragon soul and defense tower number advantage, DK can choose to surrender early.In addition, from the collocation of DK lineup, ueno crocodile and leopard female classic “zoo” combination, nakano is to choose Jess and leopard female in the front of the double poke lineup, plus the road bomb and female tank, the whole lineup of early thinking is no brain push line, to canyon invasion of the wild area enough confidence and space,DK can only do this if he can get the three lines under the three towers at the beginning of the match.And, the idea of the group is through the female tan first hand to let DK three Poke C first second off a person, then one by one to break.But DK misses the point: even a small team early rhythm collapse, and the wind has been at DK took the lead in economic aspect, but GEN. G for highland is a solid defender, even the DK first to get the first dragon, did not seize the opportunity instead of a major decision error, make feet before the emperor in the highlands to harvest a wave killed four.Gen. G took this opportunity to get the second dragon directly backhand, and this time in the two sides of the equipment basically reduced to a small gap, DK did not bring any soldier line pressure to Gen. G, but this lineup hurt themselves, Gen. G’s group simply let DK have no way to start, this poke lineup also lost the significance of the election.The evaluation of DK’s humiliating game is: DK lost, canyon lost.They should not be thinking with winning, in the tiebreaker if this one in the second or the third innings, even beat DK will not bear such a vivid, but out of the “black” of science and technology in the decider combination overreached itself instead, equivalent to the promotion risk of infinite amplification, if this a DK honestly to select normal,With Xiu Mei and Canyon, Nakano actually has a good chance to get a ticket to the finals.However, to reach the semi-finals for DK also have no regrets, after all, their squad this season’s maximum ceiling is also so, this year’s LCK division key has already been T1 set!For more content, check out LOL League of Legends