“New Rain Project” contributes to the cultivation of law-abiding young citizens throughout the country

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As the saying goes, “If the youth are strong, the country will be strong”, how to guide the youth to learn law, abide by law and apply law from the perspective of the future hero of the country has always been the focus and difficulty of campus legal education.Since April 2014, The Futian District Justice Bureau (District Legal Education Office) of Shenzhen city has taken the lead in jointly planning and launching the “New Rain Plan”, an innovative project of legal education for young people, in collaboration with the Futian District Education Bureau and the District Committee of the Youth League.After years of hard work, the “New Rain Program” has achieved remarkable results, forming a new sample of legal publicity with wide benefits, strong replicability and high brand, and gradually growing into a magnificent flower with great innovation and influence in the “Hundred Gardens” of Legal awareness in Shenzhen.There are more than 150,000 students in Futian District, but the current legal education in primary and secondary schools has shortcomings such as a relatively simple teaching content, a shortage of legal teachers, and a lack of vivid teaching forms.There are some problems, such as insufficient combination of law education and daily life, failure of law course to be included in the teaching program and difficulty in ensuring class hours, and difficulty in attracting students’ interest.The spring breeze melts the rain and moistens everything.”Since the birth of the New Rain Program, futian District Justice Bureau has taken the lead in exploring the introduction of social and legal professional forces in order to improve these problems, carry forward the spirit of innovation and practical work, and gradually establish a new model of “government-society-school-parents” four-party linkage of legal education for teenagers.In terms of organization and implementation, Futian District Justice Bureau and Futian District Education Bureau cooperated to break the top-down administration-led pattern of legal popularization and introduce social forces, which basically formed a new pattern of youth legal popularization led by the government, undertaken by social forces and participated by multiple subjects.In terms of stressing the main body, futian district justice bureau guidance law with professional social organization form a by the law, the media, the public welfare of people with good professional campus the franco-prussian volunteer branch, effectively solve the problem of campus class teachers strength weak rule of law, at the same time to recruit parents volunteers as a teaching assistant, promote campus dissemination to the extension to families and communities.The content of “New Rain Plan” broke the traditional infusing and hardening education mode of law popularization, changed “flood irrigation” to “precise drip irrigation”, innovated and developed the courseware systems of “Constitution”, “rules”, “public participation skills”, “anti-school bullying”, “civil code” and “crime prevention”, etc.It covers the key areas of teenagers’ daily life, and pays attention to update the course content with The Times to ensure the pertinence, practicality and timeliness of the course, so as to achieve the quality of the content of law popularization.In terms of form, the “New Rain Plan” brings forth the new, adopting small class system, participatory and experiential classroom teaching, creating three modules of basic courses, theme courses and practical activities, forming diversified teaching forms and making the “meaningful” legal education more “interesting”.”In the past, the rule of law courses in Shenzhen schools emphasized the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the warning effect of criminal punishment, but were weak in cultivating students’ awareness of national rights and obligations, awareness of rules, spirit of contract and public participation skills.”The person in charge of the Law popularization office in Futian district said that the “New Rain plan” will popularize legal education and quality training in-depth combination, focus on the enlightenment of young people’s legal thinking, the cultivation of legal values, the training of public affairs participation ability, etc., is committed to do not the same law popularization class, popular law popularization class, feelings of the law popularization class.In the “New Rain Plan” class of law popularization, the volunteer lecturers walked into Meilian Primary School and brought the children “no pets allowed”, “library lion” and other legal education stories. They played with the students in the way of scenario simulation, which not only livened up the classroom atmosphere, but also stimulated the students’ enthusiasm to think about problems.In laughter, children learn about laws and rule-making and learn how to abide by them.”The teacher asked the students to discuss in groups how they would make rules if they were rule makers,” said an official from Meilian Primary School.Let the students know how to understand the rules, apply the rules, and how to improve and modify the rules when the rules are unreasonable and unclear, cultivate the students’ awareness of ‘knowing the rules, arguing the rules and obeying the rules’.The course was unique and deepened students’ understanding of legal knowledge.The “New Rain Project” is just like the rain, which moistens things silently and moistens the seeds of the rule of law in the hearts of young people. It slowly breaks the ground and grows, and encourages children to become little citizens who “know the law”, “understand the law” and “abide by the law”.Since its inception, more than 800 volunteer lecturers have participated in the teaching, which has entered 158 primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen and taught 6,302 campus law popularization courses (including 1,500 online law popularization courses), benefiting nearly 310,000 students.With deep ploughing and careful irrigation,”The influence of The “New Rain Program” is growing. The program and its derivative brand courses have benefited more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools in more than 300 counties (districts) in 31 provinces across China, with a total of more than 54,000 courses on rule of law, benefiting more than 2 million students.Derivative projects represented by the “New Rain Cup” National Competition of campus Excellent Rule of law courses are widely popular, and gradually form a nationwide “Name card of Legal education in Shenzhen”.”Popular legal education”, continue to output the energy of the rule of law no pains, no gains.Over the years,”Fruits XinYu plan “, won several national, provincial, municipal honor, including China’s public welfare section “commonweal innovation award”, the national youth social organization “partnership” five-star project, the national office of guangdong province “whoever enforcement method” and other outstanding the franco-prussian projects, by shenzhen bureau, city bureau of education popularized to the city together.At the same time, “New Rain Project” has also been praised and supported by the majority of young students and their parents, and has been widely reported by CCTV, People’s Daily Online, Legal website, China Youth Website and other well-known national media, as well as various mainstream media in Shenzhen.Young people are the future of our country. There may be a starting point for exploring a new way of promoting legal knowledge among young people, but there is no end to it.In the next step, futian District Justice Bureau will continue to make efforts in the field of teenagers’ legal popularization, constantly deepen and improve, actively create local and even national standards for teenagers’ legal popularization, and summarize a set of effective, replicable and appropriate mechanism for teenagers’ legal popularization.Cultivate a group of young citizens with legal awareness and belief in the rule of law, independent thinking ability, enthusiasm and skills to participate in public affairs, lay a good foundation for Shenzhen to build a “model city under the rule of law”, and contribute to the construction of the rule of law in China.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Yi Xiaohong communications secretary new declaration: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com