Miss Big back to the sewer?Official suit update: Sun Shangxiang is buffed by sword, Sima Yi, meat knife nerfed

2022-05-02 0 By

On February 15, 2022, the official service of King of Glory will be updated for the New Year. This update will bring a large number of events and hero equipment adjustments. Some adjustments have already been tested in the experience service, and some adjustments will be directly released on the official service without warning.As we all know, the new season has undergone a big change. The new season has not only a huge amount of health, but also a considerable amount of consumption damage and a “60 speed reduction” buff, combined with the new season’s enhanced “Breath of Ice” (also has consumption and speed reduction buffs).Shen Mengxi, Ying Zheng, Zhou Yu and other mages have a high strength, especially shen Mengxi, Ying Zheng, Zhou Yu and other mages can greatly reduce their self-protection ability with punishment, but Shen Mengxi can also have a certain self-protection ability without flashing.The passive damage cooldown of Breath of Ice has been increased by 2 seconds. The slow down effect of breath of Ice has also been reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent on the experience server. Currently, the passive cooldown of breath of Ice has only been increased.Small wild meat knife (inspector ax) passive damage by 50 + two percent life reduced to 30 + two percent extra, extra slowing effect reduces the 20 points, play wild meat knife (giant’s grasp) only weakens the 20 points of slowing effect now, personally think that wild meat knife + coagulation rate is still very fit Shen Mengxi of ice.In terms of hero adjustments, Angela has been improved again, the base value of the three skills shield and the damage growth rate of the level have been increased, the disable time after using the three skills has been halved, Angela’s damage has not changed, and the shield is thicker and harder to cut when opening the great moves.Angela can be regarded as a hero of great polarization. There are many users in the low-end game, while the high-end game and KPL game are basically invisible. Angela has been enhanced several times in a row, I don’t know if this enhancement can increase its entry rate?Sima Yi has been passively improved and the spell damage converted to health has been reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. this adjustment makes sima Yi’s spell damage trigger more easily and increases the restraint effect on mages.Sima Yi can be regarded as one of the victims of the new season, the new season let Sima Yi’s T degree greatly decreased, many Sima Yi players suffer, do not know whether this enhancement can let Sima Yi’s strength to warm up.Whenever a que, mark per second for the treatment of quantity increase to fifty percent from forty percent effective que itself, que has been very upset, very not easy to eat last season to the welfare of the mask, strong not how long was weakened, the adjustment and fine-tuning the bian que milk quantity, should not be too big influence its strength.Xishi nerfed, the cooldown of Xishi ii has been increased by 2 seconds. Xishi’s strength is very high in high-end boards. This nerfed has increased the cost of xishi’s group opening, which has a great impact on Xishi.暃 Balance, adjusted 暃 1 skill removes toughness effect and fly effect only works on end enemies, 2 skill’s back swing time after moving to end has been reduced by 0.25 seconds, 3 skill’s first and second hand feel has been improved, 3 skill’s second base damage, rank growth damage and rank growth AD have been reduced, compared to before.暃 level 15 3 skill 2 damage is 225 less fixed damage and 0.15 less AD. Personally, the 1 skill adjustment affects 暃 more than the 3 skill adjustment.Sun shangxiang weakened, and the second skill hit armor penetration reduced to fifteen percent, the second skill penetrating effect was reduced by ten percent, the whole rate of sun shangxiang strength and appearance of the season there are overweight, the adjustment to let sun shangxiang’s ability to play in front of the greatly reduced, facing to the current version is almost everyone out fingernails against the assassin, the sun is fair harder to deal with.Personally think the adjustment of sun Shangxiang’s impact is not small, DO not know whether Sun Shangxiang will therefore return to the sewer?What do you think about the update of king of Glory official server?