Datong Fifth People’s Hospital nucleic acid testing during the Spring Festival need to know

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1. The nucleic acid collection site of low-risk areas (people returning from low-risk areas within and outside the city and the province) shall be located 50m to the north of the outpatient department.2. The nucleic acid collection site of the key population (the key areas of concern and the people entering and returning with the trip code *) is located at 100m on the north side of the outlying outpatient department.3. Inbound and outbound personnel from medium-high risk areas shall be located at the medium-high risk nucleic acid collection site 120m north of the outlying outpatient department.Time: 24 hours a day 5. Nucleic acid paper report will be scanned and printed on the self-service machine with barcode 6 hours later at the self-service machine report printing place outside the outpatient service.Electronic reports can be checked by the public account of Datong Fifth People’s Hospital (personal Center – Image examination Report – Examination Report) or the client of The State Council.1. Please pay online in advance, bring your ID card and 4 code (screening information code, payment barcode, health code, trip code) to the screening, wear a mask during the whole process, keep a distance of 1 meter line, and show 4 code screenshots for on-site code scanning registration.2. If you need an invoice, please inform the staff or obtain an electronic invoice through the official number of Datong Fifth People’s Hospital.Editor: Sun Mingyue