Cold Water Beach: Improve service system for entrepreneurs returning home

2022-05-02 0 By

Rednet moment February 24 news (correspondent: Tang Meng, Wang Gengdi, Lu Lu) Cold Beach area to improve the business service system, constantly improve the business support policies, actively build all kinds of business platform, increase business services and training, more and more capable, energetic, have the ideal of returning entrepreneurs to achieve “phoenix home”.Wei Xiaohong, 49 years old, used to be engaged in hotel management in Guangdong. In 2001, in order to take care of her children, she returned to her hometown to start a business and engage in non-staple food sales. In 2021, she applied for a loan of 200,000 yuan to expand her business.Yuan Xipu Wei Xiaohong said: “four times bigger than before, varieties are also more, now more and more customers, business scope is more and more large, starting a business at home is much better than outside, family and children can take care of.”Struggle in guangzhou in 2021, more than 20 years of Chen Jianyong response the government called for a return to yongzhou, the revitalization of hometown, together with the person of hometown in yongzhou, hunan province chamber of commerce in guangzhou home business, and created the source flavour xiaoxiang chicken east Anglia brand, launched outside sell mainly, sell only east Anglia chicken special stores, aspire to the head of hunan east Anglia chicken this product promotion to the whole country.Hunan Source flavor Xiaoxiang Catering Management Co., LTD. Chen Jianyong said: “our project has been strongly supported by the government, operation for half a year, we have opened four chain stores in Yongzhou, this year our goal to achieve nine counties and two districts full coverage, the future company will achieve the platform + farmer operation model, to the country.”Yongzhou xiaoxiang hui business incubators is the collection office, road shows, training, policy analysis, negotiation, consultation and guidance, financing, creative achievements, propaganda, and other functions in a body’s specialized, comprehensive, public welfare business incubation platform, provide entrepreneurs with free office location, a total of more than 120, can accommodate 30 or so small micro enterprise or business team,At present, there are 21 registered enterprises.Yongzhou Zhongchuang Enterprise Service Technology Co., LTD. Liu Weixu said: “In September 2020, I returned from military service in Hong Kong. When I returned to my hometown this time, the local government provided us with free space, a discount loan of 200,000 yuan and guidance for starting a business. In the first year, our sales exceeded 1 million yuan.Adhering to the principle of “talent first, people’s livelihood first”, Lengshuitan Area has constantly optimized the environment for talent development, highlighted the key support for employment and entrepreneurship, and guided all kinds of urban and rural workers who are willing to start a business to participate in entrepreneurship training. In 2021, a total of 6,883 people have completed vocational training in Lengshuitan area, including 987 people who have completed entrepreneurship training.At the same time, we will implement the policy of support for start-up guarantee loans, with the maximum application amount for eligible entrepreneurs being 200,000 yuan, and the maximum application amount for small and micro businesses being 3 million yuan. Eligible entrepreneurs will be given a one-off start-up subsidy of 2,000 yuan.In 2021, a total of 29.81 million start-up guaranteed loans and one-time start-up subsidies of 420,600 yuan were issued in Lentshuitan area, which created 967 jobs. There were more than 70 enterprises settled in the three business incubation bases in the area, and the incubation success rate was over 95%.Li Yanfei, director of Lengshuitan District Employment Service Center, introduced: “We combined with the actual situation of this area, introduced specific work measures, and actively called on the villagers to return home to start a business and build their hometown.At present, we are carrying out the ‘Welcome home to build home’ campaign, we hope that more people will actively respond to the call of the campaign and return to their hometowns to start businesses.”