Chunlan air conditioning used to sell well in the domestic market, the person who knows now is not much however, what reason?

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Introduction Gree, as the most famous household air conditioning manufacturer in China, has done many years ago to put their own concept and brand to the point of popular.Under the support of such a national degree, Gree once occupied the top spot of air conditioning sales in China for several consecutive years.But other household appliance brands are not willing to give up this part of the market, so in these years of efforts, many brands catch up, and even began to equal Gree in the air conditioning field.So on the air conditioning market of our country now, the strength of Haier, Gree and the United States is not to be underestimated.And among them and Gree bite the most tight is beautiful.Even in the past two years, Midea succeeded in surpassing Gree last year through in-depth efforts in both online and offline channels.Some people discuss on the net recently, chunlan air conditioning used to sell well in the domestic market, the person who knows now is not much however, what reason?One of the most telling is last year’s financial statements.From these two financial statements, we can clearly know that gree’s annual profit last year was about 15.64 billion yuan. Although there was an increase, it was still slightly depressed.But Midea is catching up, in last year’s net profit exceeded Gree, with 234.55 hospital net profit successfully top.The competition we see now between Gree, Midea and Haier is already a contest between the winners.Before again, in fact, there have been a lot of manufacturers and brands that have not adapted to the market have been eliminated.And one of the most regrettable is chunlan air conditioning.The reason why it is a pity is that this brand was once the overlord of China’s air conditioning industry, but also created a record of occupying the first sales volume of China’s air conditioning industry for eight consecutive years.But helplessly, its brilliant not only did not get to maintain, now has gradually withdrawn from the sight of the people.In fact, the rise of Chunlan air conditioning brand is quite legendary.After all, the predecessor of Chunlan air conditioning once suffered serious losses, and even was tao Jianxing from the brink of bankruptcy to pull back.At that time, as soon as Tao Jianxing took over the factory, he directly reformed all the unreasonable rules and regulations inside the factory, and selected air conditioning as the next product that the factory focused on production and development with his keen business vision.And the fact that his intuition is correct, it is such a correct planning, so that Chunlan air conditioning became the most popular in the Chinese market at that time into the air conditioning brand, more real market share on a ride, so that other brands are left in the dust.And Chunlan air conditioning is also with its own advanced production concept and perfect production mode, to create their own era.It was awarded the title of “King of air conditioning” by the Chinese government.But unfortunately, Chunlan did not continue its further development and upgrade in air conditioning, but chose to develop in multiple fields.Unfortunately, business intuition did not help Tao jianxing this time.And Tao Jianxing also because the pace is too big, rushed to start the development of other strange fields, let Chunlan become neither fish nor fish, not only failed to succeed in other fields, even chunlan air conditioning this trump card is lost.When Chunlan was buried in other fields, Gree, Haier and The United States finally caught up, and directly with more advanced technology, more than Chunlan air conditioning market share.As early as the end of the last century, Chunlan air conditioning has been difficult to hide the decline, the first time there was a decline in sales.In 2005, there was no such person in the top ten air conditioning brands in Our country, completely ceding their supremacy.In 2017, compared with Gree and Midea, which made billions of profits at every turn, the annual sales volume of Chunlan air conditioners was only 320,000 units, which is a huge gap.At the same time, chunlan air conditioning investment in other unfamiliar areas also continue to appear problems, the problem of loss again and again.Including the auto brands it acquired itself, which were taken over at a loss by Jiangsu’s Xugong Group.Other projects, such as motorcycles, machinery and LCD screens, have been in the red.Even chunlan air conditioning has been strong, sooner or later will be dragged down by these projects, let alone now Chunlan air conditioning is no longer the glory of the past.Even now, it is hard to see Chunlan air conditioners in the market, and it is even more difficult to make a profit.Therefore, it is said in the market that the current Chunlan air conditioner has not continued to produce, and Chunlan Group has shifted its focus to the real estate industry in Taizhou in order to maintain operation.But it is said that chunlan real estate development project development is also general, it can be said that Chunlan has put their own good cards rotten, let yourself into a dead end.Conclusion And now the gap between Chunlan and air conditioning three giants has been growing, want to catch up again has been an unlikely thing.The decline of Chunlan also tells us that trying is a good thing, but rashly to give up their advantages, try their completely unfamiliar field is an extremely risky thing, and even a careless may be directly destroyed.Today’s topic: another “air conditioning giant” fall!No. 1 seller for eight years in a row, and now nobody cares?