Yangxin County Zhai Wang Town Wei Zaohang village to explore a new model to lead the masses to become rich

2022-05-01 0 By

Media · Poster news reporter Liu Dianzhang Correspondent Zhao Peng Bi Wenxiu Binzhou report Weijia Zaohang village, Zhai Wang Town, Yangxin County, is located in the east of Zhai Wang Town, with a history of over 100 years of leek planting.In recent years, the village in order to lead the masses to get rich, under the guidance of the town Party Committee and government, actively explore the “park + party branch cooperatives + farmers” model, through the transfer of land, attract projects to lead the masses to get rich.Weijia Zaohang village Party branch give full play to the role of the party branch fighting fort, village two committee members, party members and cadres take the lead in promoting the significance of land transfer and policy, in 2020, the successful transfer of 400 acres of land, combined with Yangxin County grand vegetable planting professional cooperatives, green food planting 300 acres of grade A leek, the construction of 36 vegetable greenhouses,Bio-manure ferment tank with volume of 600 cubic meters and supporting production equipment, the introduction of modern efficient planting management technology, and jointly create zhawangzhen modern efficient agriculture (vegetable) industrial park.After the completion of modern, efficient agriculture (vegetable) industrial park, relying on industrial park attract village villagers participate in leek planting and management process, the average has more than 10 people to the park every day for work, can earn about 100 yuan per person a day, harvest the leeks, and marketing, the key nodes, can accommodate 30-60 people work together, every day can earn up to 200 yuan per person a day,The annual income of the family is up to 70,000 yuan, which truly solves the employment problem of the villagers in the village and realizes the virtuous circle of “land circulation is stable, participation in labor can get rich”. To a large extent, the park is connected with the villagers, ensuring that the villagers get paid for employment and the industrial development is not short of people.