Japanese media praised the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-01 0 By

With so much anticipation, the curtain of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has finally opened.The opening ceremony, directed by renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou, impressed the audience with his 24 solar terms countdown, innovative way of lighting the torch and a variety of beautiful choreographed performances.A number of entries about the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games have unsurprisingly topped the list, with many people saying that the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is definitely the best ever!And the wonderful opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics also conquered the picky Japanese media.Not long ago, Yahoo Sports in Japan published an article praising the opening ceremony.”Directed by Zhang Yimou, chief director of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics brought the global audience an ultimate audio-visual feast,” Japanese media said.In terms of production and presentation, the opening ceremony is much better than the Tokyo Olympics.”Japanese netizens also agreed.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was absolutely perfect. By comparison, the Opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was a disaster,” one of the most liked users wrote under the news.The pandemic is the reason, but there must be a better way to perform.””I have only watched half of the opening ceremony. I think it is very good to have such an elaborate opening ceremony, and it is not very expensive, and it is very impressive,” said the second Japanese user.As for Tokyo, I can’t imagine a worse opening ceremony!””The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games was a terrible failure. It was not the difference in money or technology, but the failure to entrust it to the right people.I don’t even think Japan’s opening ceremony was a success!”Another user wrote: “I was shocked by the opening ceremony of the East Olympics in Beijing. I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Tokyo. I was also shocked and disappointed.The decline of Japan today is not only a matter of money and economy, but also a serious decline in our sense of beauty. I am worried about the future of Japan.Who and why has made this country the way it is, at least we weren’t 20 years ago.”In the next ten days, the Olympic athletes of various countries, will be in order to the Winter Olympic gold medal, launched a fierce competition.Do not know in this Winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes can achieve a new breakthrough?