Hydrogenation 2 tons a day!Hydrogenation station of Taizicheng Service Area of Zhangjiakou Competition Area escort the Green Winter Olympics

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Beijing 2022 Will adhere to the road of green, low-carbon and sustainable development. The transportation support service in Zhangjiakou will be provided by environment-friendly and energy-saving hydrogen vehicles, with more than 600 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to provide transportation support service for the event.The reporter walked into the Taizicheng service area hydrogen station in Zhangjiakou Competition area, the hydrogenation station is located in the east side of jingli Expressway Chongli Taizicheng service area, the north is jingli Expressway Taizicheng receiving station, through the tunnel opposite the hydrogenation station, arrived at the Platform competition site in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Competition area.In the hydrogenation station, many vehicles slowly open, a number of hydrogenation guns are busy all the time.Although the hydrogenation of one vehicle was finished, another vehicle entered the field, but the speed of hydrogenation was very fast. The vehicles with the Winter Olympics logo entered and exited in an orderly manner, and the drivers and staff had no contact with the service.Li Xiaodong, secretary of party branch and manager of Zhangjiakou Sales Branch of Petrochina, said that the hydrogen filling station in Taizicheng service area is the first hydrogenation station of PETROCHINA.The designed refueling capacity is 1000KG/12h, and the maximum refueling capacity is about 2 tons of hydrogen fuel per day. It can be refueling for 4 hydrogen energy buses at the same time, and the refueling time for each bus is about 8 minutes.Since the Opening of the Winter Olympics, the refueling capacity of the hydrogenation station is between 1.7-2 tons per day, which is 150-200 vehicles per day. It is the hydrogenation station with the largest hydrogen energy and the heaviest task at present.The hydrogenation station in Taizicheng service area adopts partition layout, including hydrogenation area, hydrogen storage tank area and process unit area, which has four characteristics of scientific partition layout, high design standard, high safety standard and high degree of automation.As the lowest temperature in the local winter can reach minus 20 degrees Celsius, the main equipment and parts of the hydrogenation station are made of special materials. The designed working environment temperature is as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the hydrogenation task can be completed no matter what extreme weather happens.The filling station currently has 11 staff, all from hebei province strictly selected, and the hydrogenation type, xiao-dong li said: “prince city service area filling stations for contactless hydrogenation equipment upgrades and test work, we also make no contact hydrogenation related processes, ensure the process runs smoothly, adherence to the zero outbreaks in the bottom line.I have the confidence and responsibility to complete the hydrogenation task, so that there are difficulties in front of me, we do not face difficulties.”(Source: Chinadaily.com.cn)