Hanchuan Xinyan township has carried out safety checks on seven schools under its jurisdiction

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to ensure the campus security and stability of the new semester, police from Xinyan Water and land police station of Hanchuan City public Security Bureau recently went to 7 schools under their jurisdiction to carry out campus security checks and campus security risks.Police focus on the school bus safety, video surveillance equipment, one-button alarm system, fire security equipment and canteen health and other conditions carried out a comprehensive inspection.In the investigation, the police found the lack of campus protective equipment, expired fire extinguishers in some fire facilities, aging monitoring equipment and other problems, the police put forward rectification suggestions to the school leaders on the spot, and required the school to carry out self-examination and self-rectification, pay attention to the implementation of “civil air defense, physical defense, technical defense” measures, and develop anti-terrorism, fire and other emergency plans.Ensure the safety of life and property of teachers and students.Through the inspection, effectively eliminate the campus security hidden dangers, for the majority of teachers and students of the new semester study, life to create a safe environment.