Don’t lose your teeth to a sweet dumpling

2022-05-01 0 By

It’s the first full moon of the year, and as the saying goes, “It’s only 15 years or so.” The festival may be fading, but for foodies, it’s not over until the last minute.During the Lantern Festival, people should eat tangyuan according to their tastes and the meaning of reunion and happiness, which makes tangyuan popular.But it’s a natural enemy for our teeth.Yuanxiao/tangyuan is usually made of glutinous rice flour and boiled with nuts.Today’s fillings are usually made of white sugar, sesame, jujube paste and red bean paste.High sugar and high viscosity food, easy to cause dental disease and other teeth problems.High sugar and high viscosity food adhere to the surface of teeth, if not cleaned in time, it is easy to accumulate acid, bacteria breeding for a long time, easy to produce tooth decay.If a friend with oral disease eats tangyuan, it may aggravate the condition, causing tooth sensitivity and even acute pulpitis and periodontitis.Tangyuan is sticky and waxy, which is not easy to chew. Elderly people who lack teeth or children who are in the period of tooth replacement (irregular dentition) are prone to choking if they do not fully chew food, resulting in blockage of the trachea, resulting in suffocation.Rinse your mouth immediately after eating tangyuan, and brush your teeth carefully before going to bed at night. Sticky tangyuan are more likely to stick to the teeth in the crevasses and grooves, causing cavities.Enjoy healthy family reunion yuanxiao family reunion Yuanxiao clean teeth fu Le to