Come and look at!This is the most important qualification overseas buyers look for in a partner in the New Year

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Beginning of the Year of the Tiger!What do overseas buyers really want in their heads?The real answer!Do you often have this question?What’s the new vision for business, international station buyers across the ocean?What are the most important qualifications they look for in a supplier?Which suppliers do they prefer to work with?How to more accurately and quickly reach the needs of buyers friends?As the Chinese suppliers who provide them with the strongest supply chain, they need to know themselves first if they want to add “100 million yuan” in the New Year.Recently, Alibaba International launched fan interaction topics on Instagram, such as “New Year business vision” and “What can give you more security when looking for suppliers”, and many overseas buyers of small and medium-sized enterprises have heated discussions in the comments section.Let’s take a look at their ideas for a better, stronger and long-term cross-border business in the future.Buyers said that “my business will usher in a” big explosion “in 2022. Under the topic of” New Business vision for the New Year “, many buyers set their flags full here. They said that in 2022, they will start a “New Year” and be ready to start new business.”My business will start in 2022″, “I will open a second-hand shop business in 2022”, “I hope sales and customer growth”, “I hope the business value of 2 trillion DOLLARS” and other New Year wishes, their flag will not fall, just look at our Chinese supplier friends to bring them a buff full of dissatisfaction!”Partners” is also an essential part of business, in the New Year’s new business vision topic, not only buyers friends of the New Year’s business flag, but also buyers mentioned that “my business will be good because of Alibaba international station to explode!”It seems that in the past, it is the majority of Chinese suppliers who provide them with the strongest backing, and they also believe that in the New Year, high-quality suppliers can continue to bring them a surge of business help.In the past year of 2021, overseas buyers have experienced a lot of difficulties, but with their passion for creativity, they are turning their entrepreneurial dreams into reality and doing better and better through Alibaba International.They believe that in 2022, through deeper cooperation with Alibaba international site, there will be better development.After a weather-beaten 2021, overseas buyers have new expectations and confidence for their business.In the vast “business opportunities”, it is particularly important to choose reliable and long-term “quality suppliers”.Do you want to know what qualifications overseas buyers value most for suppliers?Here you go. What qualities do overseas buyers look for in a partner?The answer is below!Buyers say, “I want my suppliers to have these solid qualifications.” About “What gives you more security when looking for suppliers to work with?”This topic, overseas buyers netizens hi, topics include” real company information “option” after-sales service “” quality control” “competence” and “above all 5 options” and other information, buyers have to own business more sustainable, published their ideas.Most buyers’ comments choose “all of the above”, arguing that cross-border trade requires multi-dimensional understanding of merchants, and giving reasons such as “Because all these details are very important before choosing suppliers to cooperate with and establishing trust” and “all of the above characteristics are needed to establish long-term cooperative relations”.Other buyers believe that “true company information” is the most important, because “verifying supplier information is true and correct” is the first step in cooperation.Or that “quality control” and “professional qualifications” are most important because quality must come first.Other buyers shared their “experience” after purchasing from international sites in more detail from different angles.For example, a buyer friend who once got a good cooperation experience because of the evaluation data and recommendation of the merchants on the international website said that “the evaluation report on the international website is very important to me” and chose “real company information” based on this.Or share their experience and skills from the perspective of after-sales service of international stations in the past: “International stations have excellent after-sales service, especially their credit insurance service.For example, if the goods are accidentally damaged or lost during transportation, we can contact the supplier to solve the problem, and the international station will compensate us.It’s very helpful for our buyers overseas.”In addition, the international standing of continuously updated services have also been buyers true feelings play call: “I have been doing business in alibaba international station for 3 years, I’m very pleased with the international standing of continuously updated service, than im, the corporation service and is very popular recently, let me more convenient to find the right supplier.The international station really considers the customers, especially the credit insurance service, which is my favorite.No matter be fund safety, or it is product quality is relatively more assured.”The most important thing in my years of purchasing experience on international websites is the quality control ability of suppliers’ products and high-quality after-sales service, which makes me feel more at ease to cooperate with them without worries.I will still choose to do business on Alibaba’s international website.”Among them, the “Jin Pin-cheng Qi” service of the international station was “singled out and praised” : “They are more trustworthy”, believing that they cover their selection criteria perfectly.Knowing the real demands of so many overseas buyers, if you want to give your cross-border business a strong and lucrative BUFF in the Year of the Tiger, you might as well try Jin Pin-Cheng Qi!Alibaba international station also wishes everyone in the New Year “money from afar”, business is thriving, wuhu take off!————1 Easter egg ———— If you have any questions you want to know about overseas sme buyers, you can leave a message in the comment section. You may be selected as an interactive topic on the overseas social media platform of the international station, so that you can ask “fire up” at the same time, and get the real answers from overseas buyers!For more real feedback from overseas buyers you care about, see you next time!