Calendar add new years, spring full of old mountains and rivers!Jinhua Shuanglong scenic spot spring activity is still noisy

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The fourth day of the first lunar month is the start of spring.Spring arrived, may the vernal Spring sun warm your heart, happiness with you;Bright spring flowers decorate your heart, smile than flowers bright;Soft spring rain moistens your heart and life is sweet.May my blessing turn into spring breeze, with happiness blowing to you!Happy start of Spring!Please wear masks, prepare in advance, take the initiative to measure the temperature, show your health code and travel code to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work of the staff.Today is the fourth day of the New Year unconsciously in the spring holiday has been half come to Jinhua Shuanglong scenic tourism area come to Jinhua Shuanglong scenic tourism area we are here to spend the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival oh!I heard that many people came here today to see the local Daoqing show in Jinhua.After watching the daoqing show circle of friends did not send over the dance show began!I heard that there are other attractions on the same fun activities are not quick to have a look!More gifts are waiting for you!Come to Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Area for this Spring Festival holiday!Weather bulletin: Cloudy from this afternoon, sunny to cloudy tomorrow, the highest temperature in recent days will rise slightly, but the lowest temperature in the morning is still low to freezing. Travel, on the way back to keep warm!Lucky tourists who buy scenic spot pass tickets and get “Year of the Tiger” special symbol printed on the back of the ticket can get a souvenir, and at the same time participate in the lucky tourist lottery activities organized every day during the scenic spot activities.Time: Feb.1st to Feb.5th All tourists who buy scenic spot pass tickets can participate in the activity of “snatching Fortune” by rolling dice. The special prize is the tourists who roll six “fortune”, and other different prizes will also be presented with exquisite gifts.Time: Feb 1 — Feb 3 9:30-15:00 “Lantern riddles guessing” will be held in the visitor center. There will be 2,022 lantern riddles collected from the people, and visitors will get a beautiful gift from the scenic spot if they can guess the riddles.Time: 10:00-15:00, February 15th, fans will sing jinhua traditional folk art “Jinhua Daoqing”.At the same time, “folk acrobatics” performances provided by folk artists are interspersed.Time: February 4 – February 5 11:00-11:30 13:00-14:30 Dance Performance Dance teachers are invited to perform Traditional Chinese dance in the scenic spot.Time: February 1 – February 3, 13:00-14:00 February 15, 13:00-14:30 Writing Spring Festival couplets Antithetical neat, concise and exquisite words to depict a good image to express good wishes, is a unique Chinese literary form of activity to invite calligraphy masters to write Spring Festival couplets on the spot, as a gift to visitors.Gypsum facial makeup Gypsum facial makeup DIY, intuitive color, connect the viewer and the character of the soul color is the most revealing character close your eyes, meditation facial makeup first hit the mind is the color on the face.Paper-cutting art takes paper as the carrier, scissors as the tool and hollow out as the way to cut out vivid patterns with ingenuity and convey people’s yearning for a better life. It has a unique artistic charm for the auspicious and happy period.The New Year egg painting features a variety of handmade and creative colored lanterns. Parents accompany their children to finish the New Year lantern, so that their children can give full play to their imagination and present the painting on the lantern. When the New Year is coming, make a lantern and enjoy the wonderful time in the project with the family.Time: Feb.1-Feb.3 9:30-15:00 Feb.15 10:00-15:00 Sugar painting art activity invite a sugar painting non-genetic person to make vivid sugar painting for guests at the tourist center of Mount Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Tourist Area.Time: Feb.1-Feb.5 9:00-15:00 Rice plastic Art activity Invite a rice plastic non-genetic person with great changes in the art on the finger, can knead the vientiane of the world is the traditional folk art, is also one of the most anticipated art children.Ice-sugar calabash is said to be sour, and the sour is covered with sweetness. Ice-sugar calabash is made on site to let guests taste the taste of memory.Happy New Year cake New Year cake is also called “Nian Nian Cake”, which is homophonic with “nian Gao” meaning that work and life are getting higher and higher every year. Guests can learn to make it with their families, or taste it on the spot.Time: 10:00-15:00, February 15th Then the question is how to participate in the most cost-effective activities!Xiaobian to help you inquire good!This year did not grab seconds to kill the small partners might as well look at the line of votes oh!56 yuan offline huimin purchase huimin ticket including: jinhua tickets ssangyong ssangyong scenic areas amusement park project experience securities preferential crowd: jinhua eight counties and cities citizens and working people buy way: by id card, social security query results, stay gold workers with temporary residence permit, certificate of enterprise site ticket 2022 lunar New Year holiday has been more than half the year of the tiger Spring Festival, the scenic spot invites you clock in the year of the tiger!Welcome to all scenic spots to clock in and share the joy of Spring Festival with tourists from all over the world!END