Activity appointment! Ancient rhyme ingenuity research trip, when “style thunder” encounter Song Yingxing

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The old Summer Palace, the Summer Palace Beijing three sea, chengde imperial villa Three main halls of the imperial palace, the temple of heaven QiNianDian These famous buildings today are from the same family – legend Jiang Xiyong style of “thunder” farming, textile salt, porcelain making, papermaking, mining, metallurgy, gunpowder, mechanical these amazing wisdom of fine books on technology Have to receive in the same department of science and technology worksThe landscape on the right side of the River is beautiful, and humanity is flourishing. When “style Thunder” meets Song Yingxing, when “half of the history of Ancient Chinese architecture” meets “The Encyclopedia of Chinese 17th Century craftsmanship”, what wonderful things will be presented to us?Museum in jiangxi province, jiangxi province, the library and nanchang zhongshan art museum of China ancient architecture design – style of “thunder” inquiry learning activities, clock in jiangxi province cultural center, lead the people in close contact with cultural relics and ancient books, walked into the ancient jiangxi, the wonders of the style of “thunder” architectural culture and the spirit of ancient craftsmen.Activity Details: Ancient Chinese architectural Design — “Style Thunder” research activity Time: February 19, 2022 (Saturday) 09:30 activities address: Jiangxi Provincial Museum, Jiangxi Provincial Library (collection in Jiangxi Provincial Library) Object: Children of grade 2 and above 15 people Reservation time:The reservation channel will be opened at 18:00 on February 17. Reservation method: make an appointment through the wechat official account of Jiangxi Provincial Museum.- Jiang Bo booking – online booking service “content 1, read the” big beauty of Chinese architecture in the textbook “our building 2, jiangxi provincial library collection ancient rare books” sung ying-hsing see deposit book five “(print version) 3, watch the documentary” the masters of viewing – ray “4, jiangxi province museum,Learn about the development and inheritance of “Style Thunder” family and architectural skills. 5. Notes for small craftsmen to experience the activity 1.Being late and not checking in is the same as not showing up.2. After three successful bookings, those who fail to attend on time and as required (including those who fail to make an appointment according to the required age) will be listed in the blacklist of public activities of Jiangxi Provincial Museum, and will not be able to book any activities on the booking platform of Jiangxi Provincial Museum in the next three months.3. If you have made the reservation, but you are sure that you cannot attend the activity as scheduled, please make an appointment 24 hours in advance.Service – Jumbo Reservation – Personal Center – Reservation Record “cancel reservation for the convenience of others.Jiang Po # WeChat public | jxmuseum sina weibo | @ in jiangxi province museum statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: