When the President of the World Bank called on China to cut the US some slack, China had already made its statement

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With the strong attack of the omicron mutant strain, the EPIDEMIC in the United States is further out of control, and the hope of economic recovery in the United States is broken again.Recently, according to the news, the United States federal debt is approaching 30 trillion dollars, if remedial measures are not taken as soon as possible, the United States debt will spiral out of control.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the White House has turned its back on the epidemic, ignoring the risk of infection and making the United States the epicenter of the global epidemic.The number of confirmed cases is soaring, the number of deaths is setting new records, the U.S. labor force is in serious decline, and some small and medium-sized businesses are at risk of closing, making economic recovery difficult.When President Biden came into office, he enacted an economic recovery package that was designed to provide americans with a high quality of life, and generous spending that resulted in a huge amount of debt.The White House is extremely irresponsible, printing more dollars to flood the international financial market, which will affect the hegemony of the DOLLAR to a certain extent.The US has racked up huge debts to deal with the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its GDP is seriously out of sync with the real economy.The current situation in the United States is labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and rampant inflation.The president of the World Bank told China to cut the United States some slack.In recent years, the US government has gone to all lengths to suppress China.After biden came to power, he even hyped up the so-called “China threat theory” and tried to assemble an “anti-China” coalition to unite allied forces against China.The US government has taken a tough attitude towards China and its measures against China are so bad that it dare to ask China for anything.World Bank President Malpass has suddenly singled out China to fully participate in international debt relief efforts.China is not the only holder of US debt. Why is It a fool to name China for relief?It is not wrong for China to love peace, but we will not abandon our own interests.By naming China alone, this wave of manipulation is really confusing. Is the US trying to carry out moral kidnapping against China?China’s money does not come from the wind. China’s financial resources are used by its people, and the US government cannot afford to pay for nothing.On the issue of China-Us relations, China has long stated that it is the US government’s serious ideological bias that repeatedly targets China.The Chinese market has huge potential, the real economy is huge and the economy is full of resilience.China and the US are both major countries in the world. If the US wants to seek cooperation on economic and trade issues or other issues, it should show full sincerity and do not pretend one thing and hide another. We made this clear at our meeting in Alaska.Disclaimer: This article is created by “times interpretation”, pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Part of the news reference source: shangguan news