View the mountain read the sea media good peer BYD ocean network 2022 media thank you Harbin station perfect ending

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On January 24th, “Watch the mountains and read the sea media to be good companions” BYD Ocean Network 2022 Media Appreciation Meeting in Harbin station kicked off with great emotion. Elites of mainstream media and representatives of dealers in Harbin gathered together with BYD manufacturers to renew friendship with old friends and talk about a better future.On the afternoon of that day, guests flocked to chat with each other and share their joy.In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the official opening of a long waiting reunion appreciation gala.At the beginning of the event, Mr. Xiao Bin, manager of The Black, Jilin, Liaoning and Mongolia region of BYD Auto Ocean Network Sales Division, delivered a wonderful speech and made a brand announcement. He thanked the media friends for their strong support to BYD Ocean network in 2021 and shared the product positioning and future development vision of BYD Ocean network with everyone.He said that in the New Year, BYD will continue to introduce more young, more new energy properties of domestic good cars, to contribute to the national carbon neutral development strategy, leading green and healthy travel.Then byd Ocean dealer partners and media representatives came to the stage to share with you the excellent performance of BYD Ocean series products, and full confidence in the future of BYD Ocean.Trendy game enjoy carnival appreciation dinner, BYD ocean net will be bright young attributes into the interactive game, guests group challenges, fun PK, round meaningless win or lose contest, accompanied by unexpected surprise and fun.The passionate game narrowed the distance between the guests and deepened the friendship between them. Meanwhile, the media friends also got the red envelopes and filled with joy.Leading the wave to new peers since the official launch of BYD Ocean network in November last year, the record is remarkable, launched a series of explosive models of good cars, among which song PLUS DM-I retained the top sales, successively won the national hybrid (PHEV) insurance champion, only in December last year, the limit of 16,009.Byd dolphin is also listed that is hot, December sales of more than ten thousand, a month-on-month growth of 13.7%.Byd “ocean series” is therefore also known by consumers in just two months.”Watch the mountains and read the sea, good peer media” BYD Ocean Network 2022 media appreciation meeting in a happy, laughing and successful conclusion.At the same time, it will open a new chapter for us to lead the way in 2022.Haiyang network will also join hands with the media family to open the new journey of BYD brand continuous improvement and energy promotion!