Three protagonist shuttling back and forth in a different world of novels, shuttling back and forth in a different kind of life, cool explosion!

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Small make up as a senior old fan is committed to all kinds of high quality for clubs, recommendation, let you can read more wonderful novel content, after selecting the novel become easier, and you can also get more reference content here, let you can easily read later, are you looking for high quality the good helper of the novel, if interested in me updated content remember attention and recommendation!# Novel recommendation # Today xiaobian to recommend to everyone: three novels, shuttle in the world, open a different life, cool!The first: “crazy village” author: lazy bird introduction: three leading characters shuttle between different worlds of novels, shuttle between different worlds, open another life, cool explosion!Zhang Yang gets a strange order to build a village, which triggers a series of bizarre missions — to build a village in a fantasy world and ensure it will still be there 300 years later.Build a base in doomsday, secure against a billion zombies.Guide to getting into the pit: There are no detailed instructions and clauses about the establishment of faith organizations in the attributes of Jiancun Ling, which means Zhang Yang can do whatever he wants, even if he calls himself a god and everyone worshipping him.But he knew it would be nice if it were that simple.At stake for the next 300 years, he must choose a faith that is broadest, least difficult, least disruptive.So at first he was thinking about ancestor worship, or ancestral hall, which is the most extensive form of Chinese civilization on earth.But after careful consideration, he decided to build a mountain temple first.The reason was simple. He felt that one must be in awe, whether it was awe or awe, to live in this world.Fearless is a commendatory word, but if a person really becomes a pure fearless person, then it will be a disaster for himself, the people around him and the society.But, also can’t be too awe, afraid of hands and feet, oneself and others are bound in the box, can only give out the stench like zombies.These two criteria eliminated most of the religions zhang Yang knew.And the mountain temple, it represents a huge, mysterious, ethereal system of gods and ghosts, but such a system can not be said for three days and nine nights, but will not be firmly bound to people, and at the same time can give people enough awe.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Dimensional Expedition” by: Sister’s bride Introduction: The kingdom was on the verge of collapse under the attack of disaster, in desperation we got an army from another world to help.Their long bows, called muskets, can shoot arrows easily through any solid armor.Pit guide: “Visitor of another world, I have placed my power upon you.”Suddenly there was a strange voice in the air, and bright feathers were falling from the sky.A bird with four wings appears at the core of the crystal.”Four-winged Black Hawks?Elina tells the creature that represents the totem of her country, and the mythical beast that shields Skarre.’I’m not an eagle, and I’m not black!My feathers are colorful, my name is Skarre, and I am the consciousness of the mother planet. Visitors from other worlds, please…”The bird, skarre, was about to say something to The altar when he noticed that The altar had turned away.”Wait a minute!It anxiously fluttered its wings as it tried to keep up with Road City, and Elina realized that she had no time to waste!”Are you our first father?”But as Elina stepped up the stone staircase, she found an opportunity to inquire about the history of this amazing bird.”Ancestors?I am the mother of all of you, and I have watched you silently, but to be able to appear in this manner as I am today is the gift of that stranger’s hand.”It fluttered its wings and flew down the long aisle.Lu City had hurried out of the altar, all the way to the outside of the castle.After finding a clear enough spot on the outside of the castle, Roadtown clenched his left hand and released the magic he had gained.(click on the below free reading) third: the world tree’s game author: luo boom introduction: “virtual reality game” the elves kingdom, most popular of the NPC, the embodiment of the world tree, the mother of nature, the goddess of life, the elves to dominate – eve yug, hill high sitting in my seat, smiled at the audience of players:”Welcome to the world of swords and magic.”Pit guide: with the wonderful sound of the system, Li Mu and Demasia’s game system bar immediately unlocked the function of the method, and there is also a magic exercise method: “element meditation method”!They can click on it at any time and practice with the help of the game system!’Done!The two were delighted.Immediately after, several purple system messages drift across the player’s field of vision.Open the training function?Work on the shelf?To smoke?Li Mu and Demasia at the same time stunned.They quickly checked the exchange system and found that there was a page for exchanging skills.But there is only one purple epic, Meditation on the Elements!”Epic feats!”Li Mu sighed slightly.He clicked on a detailed description of the technique….(Click below to read for free) Pay attention to don’t get lost, there are more wonderful content waiting for you in the future, is your side of the novel recommended helper!Past highlights: Three overlooked high-score and little-known fairy chivalry novels, fluent writing, high-energy warning, absolute fairy grass!Three sand carving funny novels, good-looking skin cold and boring, only sand carving is one in a hundred!Sanben cool boutique, quality is not lost to other types of works, after reading really sweet!