Lebron James outscored Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: I can’t tell you how emotionally intelligent Dwyane Wade is

2022-04-30 0 By

Despite a series of missed chances in the final moments of the Lakers’ 2-point loss to the Golden State Warriors on Feb 13 (Beijing time), James, 37, was still an amazing accomplishment.Now, James is using social media to release a poster made by American media, which says he passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the all-time high in regular-season and playoff points, and dwyane Wade is using social media to congratulate him.In the second round of the Lakers game, James put up 26+15+8 triple-doubles, but only 9 of 27 shots.James struggled in the final quarter, making just 1 of 10 shots, missing key putbacks, making just 1 of 3 free throws to tie the game, and missing a 3-pointer at the buzzer that prevented the lakers from completing a 15-point comeback.James, 37, made history with 26 points to move his career regular-season and playoff total to 44,157, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 44,140 for the most points in NBA history.Karl Malone (41,689 points), Kobe Bryant (39,283), Michael Jordan (38,279).James took to social media to share a poster made by American media, which shows Kareem abdul-Jabbar handing the crown to James, a symbol of inheritance and transcendence. James also wrote, “Indescribable!# The kid from Akron.”James’ buddy Dwyane Wade also shared his congratulations, writing, “Nothing would surprise me at this point in time, but what a cool accomplishment!My brother!That’s the all-time leading scorer, man, and you’re a passer!.”Wade’s praise is extremely high eq, not only James has been crowned the NBA history scoring champion, but also praised him as a super passer, and James is close to the regular season career 10000 assists mark, is also close, the future career is expected to reach the regular season 40000 points +10000 rebounds +10000 assists milestone.(Wen is drunk)