Fa Cup fourth round: Manchester United VS Middlesbrough Ligue 1: Marseille VS Angers

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Friday’s games are a mix of league and cup fixtures, and we’ve picked two of the hottest matches for a quick analysis.Marseille have been in excellent form this season, with 11 wins, seven draws and four defeats to finish third in the league.Although marseille’s competitiveness in Ligue 1 has always been at a high level in recent seasons, the team often plays very passively when playing against strong teams in the league. It can be said that the lack of belief in winning in the dialogue between strong teams is the biggest reason why the team cannot compete with the top teams for the League championship.In the last five games, Marseille has two wins, two draws and one loss.In their last match, the team ended a five-match unbeaten run in a 2-1 defeat at Ligue 1 rivals Lyon.From the process of the game, Marseille did not lose the game.Match although both sides is played with each other, but marseille in the front ball players on the offensive in processing has always been what some stuttering, although the team 10 minutes in the game through a corner kick opportunities, by worked much header from a successful lead, but Lyon in the deficit of marseille is immediately after a strong kickback,Lyon might have equalised in the first half had it not been for the marseille goalkeeper.Although marseille during halftime of defense should be focus on deployment, but the second half after the start of Lyon’s offensive to marseille’s defensive line are big, still, on 76 minutes, through a series of overlapping with Lyon nabla the ball into the box, on the back of dempsey in accelerating out of defensive player of the header field score,Lyon did not stop after the equaliser and continued to threaten marseille’s goal.Game on 89 minutes, Marseilles playmaker, Harriet shooting Angle is too failed to score against Lyon, then launch a fast counter-attack, Lyon inside the counterattack from Lyon in the back to marseille box only took less than 20 seconds, musa, Mr Lai goal achievements will make 2 to 1, while the marseille behind also chose to give up full pressure on the defense,Lyon tried to equalise in the final moments of the game, but their players opted to retreat into their own half after taking the lead to deny Marseille a last-gasp comeback that ended in bitter defeat.Personally, marseille’s weakness in recent seasons should be addressed as soon as possible, as it is very frustrating for a top three team to keep dropping points in a big game.Angers have not changed much this season, currently standing 12th in the league with seven wins, eight draws and seven losses.As a league mid-table, angers in ligue 1 is a tough team, but here need to remind you, angers the middle their league league points compared commonly under the condition of safety, from time to time will be bad for record in the league pushovers punches on warm, particularly difficult opponent even if there are any situation will directly on three points,It’s a trait that you have to pay attention to.In the last five games, Angers have lost three games, one win, one draw.Their last game was a 1-0 home defeat to bottom side St Etienne which pulled off a minor upset.From the point of view of the game, it was clear that angers were not very active on the pitch, the team’s 352 formation could not contain saint-Etienne’s attack in midfield, although saint-Etienne’s strikers were not very skilled, but angers’ penalty area was still confused.In the 43rd minute, saint-Etienne were given a throw-in and, after serving, caused confusion in angers’ penalty area and were given an unexpected one-goal lead after midfielder Mendi inadvertently flicked the ball into their own net.Angers made a few saves when they were behind, but from my point of view most of their attacks were blind, as if they were ahead rather than behind, and saint-Ettien won the game thanks to an own goal from Angers in the first half.Individual analysis, marseille is undoubtedly more powerful strength of the game, the team at present still in the war zone but also more than five points behind only Strasbourg, if marcel wants to win a champions league this season, so in the next game will have to cheer up upon the weaker opponents get more points.At present, It can be said that Angers have no desire for anything, after all, the team is also in a state of ups and downs in the league points, but when playing against the top teams in the league, Angers are not a point boy, but often play a role in the block, although Marseille’s overall strength is definitely better than Angers.But Angers may not be able to score a point in this game when they are determined to stick to their guns.In terms of the number of goals, Marseille has scored four goals in the last three games, obviously the team’s offensive firepower is relatively guaranteed, angers is only two goals in three games, the state of attack is relatively low, the number of goals in this game should not be too many, 2 goals and 3 goals are more reasonable, 1 goal needs certain protection.Manchester United are currently in a shaky state, though with 11 wins, five draws and six defeats, they have temporarily qualified for the Champions League.However, there have been a lot of changes in the red Devils during the winter window. First, the team sent the unused player Martial to Sevilla on loan. Shortly after the loan of Martial, united’s promising new striker Greenwood was jailed for domestic abuse.Losing the advertiser’s contract could mean the end of your career.And youth team the old Lin lagarde due to long-term not play in the team is also clamour to go, after all, Lin huang there are now pursuing team, such as the premier upstart Newcastle and west ham to crack is of huang Lin is good, but I don’t know what reason be united top is not release, the latest news is Lin huang was made the protest.Of course, a player strike usually ends in a freeze or a fire sale. Personally, I feel that emperor Lin is more likely to be frozen.In the case of currently receiving so much bad news, the future of Manchester united this season is full of unknown, although pogba winter window finally chose to stay, but I can’t play for such a long time, after all, the state of player can hold most propbably is a big problem, and pogba is notoriously reluctant to participate in the defense,Lonick is also having a difficult time at United as a defensive manager.Of course, although Manchester United is currently in a state of internal problems and external problems, but this match is only the English Championship team, I believe that as long as United’s first-team players can play half the strength of the opponent is not a problem.Middlesbrough have been in hot form, currently seventh in the league with 13 wins, six draws and nine defeats.You don’t look down upon the middlesbrough this championship seventh, want to know the first five games this season but only get a victory, the team before the December but still in the middle and lower reaches of the league team, however, middlesbrough and cup OuDeXi brown was with 45, behind the league’s fifth ha, is only three points,Although a promotion berth is certainly out of the question this season, middlesbrough are very much in the running for a cup place as long as they keep picking up points.Middlesbrough have won four and lost one of their last five games.Their last game was a 1-0 home win over mid-table Coventry city with three precious points.Coventry were clearly the more dominant side and dominated the game, but middlesbrough took the lead in the 58th minute through a strike from Shibolal.Although Coventry came from behind and besieged middlesbrough, they kept their lead until the end of the game when they were all back.Of course, middlesbrough were able to hold on to their one-goal advantage thanks to coventry’s strikers, who were cold on their feet and missed most of their 11 shots.Individual analysis, the game Manchester united is clearly more powerful strength, the fa cup tournament rules is draw at the two sides will replay, so the game must be united need to come up with some strength for scored solution to combat against middlesbrough in 90 minutes, but middlesbrough as a championship team defense strategies, the game must be take the initiativeManchester United have not been particularly good at the end of the day and even if they do manage to beat middlesbrough it will be a narrow victory.Goals, greenwood is inevitable can’t play the game, but the Manchester united striker still many, but recently the team also won six goals in three games master’s foot feeling seems to be doing well, middlesbrough aspect is only three goals in three games enter an item in an account, and the team it has big probability is to be closed up,Therefore, the number of goals in this match should not be too many, 2 goals and 3 goals are very reasonable, and 4 goals need certain precautions.