Be “chicken head” or “chicken tail”?After the college entrance examination, I realized that it was right to choose like this

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In the course of education, we often say that it is better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a chicken.This means that students would rather be a standout in an average, mediocre environment than be a standout in a group of very good people.Now the exam has been reformed to make it more difficult for students to enter high school. Only about 50 percent of students have the chance to enter high school.After entering senior high school, students are faced with the difficulty of entering regular classes and key classes.In many people’s eyes, the regular class must be inferior to the key class.If you have the opportunity, be sure to get into the key class.But the reality is not necessarily the case, sometimes the key class is inferior to the ordinary class.What seems like an easy choice can actually have a huge impact on students.Many students don’t really know what it means until it’s over.Some students said they were lucky to have made the right choice.Be “chicken head” or “chicken tail”?After the college entrance exam, I realized that this was the correct choice and I can see the correct answer to this question in real life.Xiao Feng and Xiao Jia are classmates in junior high school, and they are both excellent students with similar results in the middle school entrance examination.After the high school entrance examination, they were admitted to the same key high school together.However, when choosing to enter the regular class or the key class, Xiao Feng and Xiao Jia made completely different choices. The former chose to enter the regular class, while the latter chose to enter the key class.High school entrance examination results similar to them, but also because of this completely different decision, embarked on a different fork in life.The two top students made different choices, and the results were completely different.After entering the regular class, Xiao Feng studied steadfastly. She always followed her own learning pace and her grades improved steadily.After the college entrance examination, he successfully entered the ideal 985 key university.And Xiao Jia in the key class, is no longer the focus of attention, looking at the students around the grades are so good, he gradually lost confidence in his own.After the college entrance examination, he was only admitted to an ordinary one-book college, and the gap with Xiao Feng opened.Not all students are suitable for the key class, reluctantly enter but delay their own psychological state of some students is more sensitive, although their academic performance is very good, but the heart is not really strong, still very fragile, very concerned about the opinions of others.In the key class, there are many students with excellent grades and the pressure of competition is great. If you hold such a mentality, it is difficult to focus on their own studies.Over time, you become obsessed with gain and loss, and your academic performance will decline.Some students have become accustomed to being top students and think it is natural for them to achieve excellent results, so they become lazy or even arrogant.Such students are unwilling to accept challenges and cannot adapt to the pace of study in key classes.Even if forced into the key class, it is difficult to maintain their original advantages.Better still stay in the ordinary class, to maintain their original pace of learning.There is also a small group of students who are very pushy. They think they are always the ones to be noticed, the ones to be proud of, and the ones to be admired and envied by their classmates.When they get into the intensive classes, they will find that they are not the most special at all.Such a psychological gap will also have a negative impact on them, making them unable to focus on their studies.What issues should students pay special attention to in high school?There are many differences between high school and junior high school. In junior high school, students don’t have as much to learn and it’s not as difficult.As long as keep up with the teacher’s lecture rhythm, do the corresponding review work, can get good results.This is not the case in high school, students have to change their learning style, improve the initiative of learning, become more self-discipline, not just waiting for the teacher to teach hand in hand.High school time is very precious, every year students have their own learning task, so must not relax slack.Teachers are scrambling to give students more time to review.And students themselves in addition to all the mind on learning, but also to find their own learning methods as soon as possible, in the shortest time to improve learning efficiency, so as to improve their academic performance as soon as possible.In high school, students with top academic performance are often faced with the dilemma of entering the key class or the regular class.In fact, here is not to say that the key class and the ordinary class which is good which is not good, but every student has their own characteristics, or need to make a choice according to their own actual situation.In addition, now the relevant departments also began to make regulations, high school gradually eliminate these regular classes and key classes, no longer have similar distinction.In your opinion, what are the differences between students entering the key class and regular class?