Uncover shennongjia savage mystery, its mysterious phenomenon has not been understood, what is the truth?

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Do you believe there are wildlings in this world?Speaking of savage, I believe that a lot of people will think of Shennongjia for the first time, although most scientists deny the existence of savage Shennongjia, but also constantly reflect, found the trail of savage, and even see the news of the savage.And that makes some people skeptical of what scientists are saying. What’s going on?Today, I’ll tell you about the rise of wildlings.Want to know how savage is back, this we want to trace back to the 1940s and 1950s, in 1941 there was a man named Deng Zhizhong, said he was taken away by savage, and get along with savage for five days.In the anhui business daily “shiyan evening news” interview, said the real savages, at that time he was eight years old, met a whole body long hair on the way to the line, burly big humanoid creature, he was suddenly a savage frighten blacked out, when he woke up, found that he had been savage to a secret cave.Cave surrounding trees lush, completely can’t see the houses and roads, according to what he said, had four or five savage in the cave, they are pulling bloody goat meat in the fire, he also found a cave with a wounded savages, right foot discharging, part of flesh decay, and so he took advantage of near herbal treatment for him.Due to the move, he savages to him is very good, but has not let escape, for a long time he was suffering from the disease, so the wild man took him to a nearby hill and then disappear, of course about savage said, has been widely discussed at the time, but there are explorers into god peasant, want to find the savage Deng Zhizhong mouth.May be due to the limitation of time, the relationship between them is found some traces of the footprints, but he could not prove that savage really exist, time is long, it will light down slowly, until 1956, a 12-year-old girl cattle to go home, suddenly jumped out a humanoid giant, frightened, she can’t help but subconsciously yell out.As soon as the nearby villagers heard that the situation was wrong, they hurried to kill the wild man together. Because they did not know what it was, the villagers did not dare to eat it. Only a biology teacher cut off the hands and feet of the wild man and took them back to the middle school for samples.It is because of this matter, savage said began to spread, such as the spread of a very wide good monkey baby said, it is said that this is a rural woman, kidnapped by the savage back home, then gave birth to his and savage hybrid children.The monkey boy was very big and could not walk upright. His joints were severely bent, and his collarbone was v-shaped like that of a gorilla. Strangely, the monkey boy could not speak or express emotions from beginning to end, and only could jump and beat his chest, but it turned out that he was suffering from a disease called cerebellum.And we often hear about shennongjia near, there are strange large footprints, hair and so on, this thing is indeed some, but through research found that these hair seems to be artificially dyed, and footprints are also artificially made, there are also claims that the hair, do not belong to shennongjia known animal hair.Why say seem!The reason is that it has been a long time since this incident happened. There was no clear explanation on the website about the institution that submitted the inspection at that time. In the end, it only gave people a result, but it said that the animal did not belong to shennongjia.It may be that at that time, people do not know much about Shennongjia, let alone in the 80s and 90s, even now, people understand shennongjia is just graduated from primary school, as for the original biology teacher cut down, made into specimens of hands and feet, many experts have studied this.But it turned out that it was no more than a kind of macaque that had grown larger, and that the little girl had seen a monster in human form only because of the suddenness of the event, the intensity of her spirit, and the darkness of the day.In short, no photo or video can prove the existence of wildlings in shennongjia. Many people believe that there are no wildlings in Shennongjia. The so-called existence of wildlings is not scientific, but a local gimmick to attract tourists and attract business opportunities.But although savage did not find, but scientists have found a strange phenomenon, they found in Shennongjia there are a lot of white animals, but these animals are not the same kind, like what white mice, small white monkeys, small white bears and so on there are many.Take the white bear. The white bear is usually found only in the Arctic, but why here?Experts theorize that if the bears here are like those in the Arctic, they appeared at least a billion years ago, when the world was frozen, and the animals were probably albino.Of course, this is just speculation, the scientific phenomenon, even today is just a guess, cannot use scientific certification, and shennongjia is the place in forbidden area, is a deep shennongjia was too dangerous, second is more and more, shennongjia visitors in order to minimize the human activities to the destruction of the shennongjia, the forbidden area to put it on.Okay, I’m impressed, so that’s it for today, and I’ll see you in the next video.