Attention!From today, these sections in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing Winter Olympics will be set up as Olympic special lanes

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In order to ensure the normal operation of road traffic during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics, it has been decided to install Olympic special lanes on some roads in Zhangjiakou In accordance with the laws and regulations on road traffic safety.I. Olympic Special Lane refers to the special lane for motor vehicles serving the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games between competition venues, non-competition venues and related facilities serving the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games during the Beijing 2022 Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games.Ii. During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Olympic lanes will be used in Zhangjiakou Competition Area.(I) During the Winter Olympics and Paralympics (January 27, 2022 to March 16, 2022), the Olympic Special road (road) will be opened: Beijing-Li Expressway (Yanchong Section);Yuxing Road and East Ring Road in Chongli City;Core area (SL74, Fenghuang Road, Qingning Road, Jingming Road, Taizicheng East Street, Taiqi Road, Wenchuang North Street, Wenchuang South Street, Exhibition East Street, Wutong Road, Wutong Avenue, Wutong East Road, Guqi Road, Yincang Road, Honghuoliang Tunnel);(2) The Olympic lane set up on the Beijing-Li Expressway will be used all day long, and the Olympic lane set up on other roads will be used from 6 to 24.During the opening period of the Olympic Lane, only the following motor vehicles are allowed to pass in the Olympic Lane, and other vehicles are prohibited to drive in the Olympic Lane:Passenger vehicles that are permitted to pass the Olympic Lane according to the permission indicated on their vehicle certificates;2. Vehicles for carrying luggage and equipment for members of the Olympic Family;3. Carry out communication, electricity, doping test, medical rescue and emergency vehicles for venue operation;4. Satellite broadcasting vehicles that undertake the task of broadcasting matches;5. Approved freight vehicles for logistics, catering and waste cleaning with a total mass of 4.5 tons or less (excluding).(2) Police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles for carrying out urgent tasks.(3) The vehicles holding the opening (closing) show permit for the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and the opening (closing) show rehearsal permit are only allowed to pass in the Olympic Special Lane on the day of the opening (closing) show and the day of the rehearsal.Iv. Those who violate the provisions of the Olympic lane shall be punished by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ according to the illegal act of “motor vehicles using the Special lane in violation of the provisions”.We hereby inform you.Zhangjiakou City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment January 25, 2002All the text pictures and other information marked “Baidu Hundred No. zhangjiakou Operation Center”, copyright belongs to Baidu hundred no. Zhangjiakou operation Center, please indicate the source.