A good year with snow!The first snow of the Year of the Tiger came

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It snowed in the main city of Hangzhou this afternoon.The snow grew heavier and heavier in the evening.

The north of the upper city can see on the roof of a thin layer of snow snow, friends circle began to have a lot of friends will shoot in the snow a game of beauty also no wonder friends said, this is “bask in” snow this is “bask in” mobile phone so big tonight there will be thick snow let us make a snowman?⛄️ said that due to poor temperature conditions, the plain area was mainly covered with sleet and snow. Even if pure snow fell, it was wet snow that was not conducive to snow accumulation.Those who want to enjoy the snow in the city can go to the suburbs or the North Peak tomorrow morning.In contrast, the mountain area due to low temperature, will be mainly snow, and the amount of snow is considerable, especially tianchi, Daming Mountain such a high-altitude mountainous area.This snowfall area overlaps with the current snow and frozen area, so special precautions should be taken.The reporter just learned from the Hangzhou high speed traffic police department that due to the increase of snow, hangzhou High speed emblem to the entrance of all closed.Hang-chang Highway, west double line two-way import all closed, west fu line to bottle kiln west, lake to tower ready to split.Hangyong, Hangjinqu, Su Shao, Hangxinjing, Li Ning, Hangchang, Jianjin highway two passengers and one danger limit.The city meteorological station at 22:20 on the 2nd weather report of the city plain areas appear sleet or snow, mountain areas to snow.The depth of snow in various places is more than 15 cm in the high mountain area of Lin ‘an (36 Tianchi, Longgang Town, 28 Longtang Mountain, Qingliang Peak Town, 19 Baisha Village, Taihuyuan Town, Lin ‘an), and 5-15 cm in the mountainous area (14 Kingsshan Village, Huanghu Town, Yuhang, 13 Anding Mountain, Lishan Town, Yuhang, baizhang Town, Xianyan Village, 12 Zhongshan Village, Songsong Village, Tonglu).1-4 cm in the central and northern plains (Linan Base station 4, Linping station 2, Hangzhou Base station and Xiaoshan station 1).At present, the intensity of rain and snow in the city has weakened, and the temperature is 0 ~ -5℃ in mountainous areas and 0 ~ 2℃ in plain areas.Light to moderate sleet or snow is expected in the plains tonight and tomorrow, heavy snow in the mountains, some snowstorms, light sleet or light snow will turn cloudy tomorrow night.Just now, Fuyang, Tonglu, Yuhang and Lin ‘an have issued yellow warnings for road icing.Earlier news today, a new round of rain and snow weather officially opened the prelude.The first snow of the Year of the Tiger has been floating in northern Zhejiang this morning!Early this morning, Yuhang welcomed the first snow of the Year of the Tiger in Hangzhou.Walking out of his house and looking around, Mr. Jin, who lives in Baizhangshan Mountain, Yuhang, found himself in a world of snow and ice.Early this morning, jingshan villagers Ms. Zhang’s door snow is also very thick, visual measurement of 3-4 cm thick.In fact, yesterday morning, Lin ‘an west mountain island village, Tianmu Mountain tianchi on snow flying, because the last round of snow has not melted, making hangzhou west mountain deeper snow.Hangzhou observatory issued a weather forecast at 11 a.m., said the snow depth in Linan Tianchi has reached 30 centimeters (an increase of 5 centimeters).The Beauty of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an has become a yao pool.Photographer Chen Wencai according to the latest forecast of Hangzhou meteorological Station, today and tomorrow the urban area is small to moderate rain or sleet, the day after tomorrow morning to the morning rain and snow stop turning overcast, afternoon overcast to cloudy.It’s still hard to watch the broken bridge.On the 4th (the 4th day), the rain and snow in Hangzhou turned cloudy to cloudy. On the 5th, the weather in Hangzhou was clear and the sun could be seen, but the lowest temperature was below 0℃ again.In the day and night, the warm and wet air will strike again, and hangzhou will enter the rainy weather again.In terms of temperature, the lowest temperature on the morning of 5th and 6th was 0 ~ -2℃ in plain areas and -3 ~ -7℃ in mountainous areas, with severe freezing.Over the next three days, rain and snow will be more pronounced, which should help improve air quality, but be careful when traveling.According to the forecast of the provincial meteorological station, visibility is low these days, the road is slippery, there will be low temperature snow in the mountainous area and the road is icy, travel without looking at the road, be careful to become “thunder dance king” oh!