Zhong Xueqin presided over the economic operation analysis meeting of Tianquan County in the first quarter of 2022

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On January 24, Zhong Xueqin, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county, presided over the economic operation analysis meeting of Tianquan county in the first quarter of 2022. The meeting listened to the summary of the economic operation work in 2021 and the report of the objectives and tasks of the economic work in the first quarter of 2022, the difficulties and measures to be taken, and scientifically assessed the current economic situation.We made in-depth analysis of problems existing in economic operation and made arrangements for economic work in the first quarter.County leaders Chen Qiang, Xu Liang, Zhang Yanhong, Xu Daiyi, Sun Rui, Ma CAI Li, Zheng Zhiqi, county related department heads attended the meeting.Zhong Xueqin pointed out that in the first quarter of the economic operation of the first half of the year and the year economic operation has important effects, the county departments at all levels must fully realize the economic work the important meaning of the “start”, adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, a solid economic and social development in the first quarter, all work have to ensure the economic work, to complete the annual target task to lay a solid foundation.Chung stressed the need for clear goals.Lead the department to quickly decompose indicators main goal task, layer upon layer transmission pressure, strengthen the accurate analysis of the indicators, clear, accurate grasp the indicators priorities, further clarify the work way of thinking, clear job objectives, set specific solutions, to pay special attention to the work carries out, ensure economic work to obtain actual effect.Perfect support.Related departments must be consistent theory with practice, strengthen the supervision of the main economic indicators to submit the monitoring and comprehensive to provide “fast, refined, quasi” statistics, improve statistical service work the forward-looking, effectiveness, and be fully plan, strengthen coordination and effective feedback, improve the overall statistics data support degree, the real objective reflect the current state of the economy development.Grasp the key.To grasp the key time node, the thorough analysis, seize the key areas and crucial links, get the work key point and the breakthrough point, planning ahead, positive upward reporting docking, timely and accurately understand the policy information, identify job boards and weaknesses, the next step of work direction, pertinence, practical and effective work measures, efforts to achieve a new breakthrough in the work.We should strengthen overall planning.We should attach great importance to the “good start” of the economy in the first quarter of this year, strengthen organizational leadership, specify work objectives, take precise measures, enhance strengths, make up for weaknesses, work hard on specific projects, focus on key areas, tackle difficult problems, and strive for breakthroughs.We need to strengthen overall planning and coordination, adhere to the system of regular supervision and inspection, consultation and evaluation, and reporting on the progress of work and the achievement of targets, strengthen work scheduling at all levels, and work together to ensure that the economic work in the first quarter got off to a good start.Reporter: But Jianzhou, Chen Meng editor: Wang Jinning Editor: Cao Fei audit: Wu Yang, Yang Yang