Xi ‘an Gaoling Procuratorate visited retired senior cadres before the Spring Festival

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, members of the procuratorial leadership of Xi ‘an Gaoling visited the retired senior cadres of our hospital respectively and sent them holiday greetings and New Year’s greetings.Everywhere, all the group members and retired cadres conversation, ask for details of their health and life situation, and on behalf of gaoling procuratorate party to thank their contributions to the development of the procuratorial business, wish them longevity and health, also to report back to the old comrade’s work and performance during the year, listen to their opinions and Suggestions of procuratorial work.At the same time, we hope that they will continue to care for and support the procuratorial work in the future and make suggestions for the development of the procuratorial cause in Gaoling.The retired senior cadres expressed sincere thanks to the party group of the Court for their care and sympathy, and spoke highly of the achievements made by the procuratorial work in Gaoling.The Gaoling Prosecutor’s Office will continue to care for the retired cadres’ welfare with heart and soul, and will take good care of them mentally, physically and spiritually, so as to ensure their happiness in their later years.Author: Liu Nan Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Zheng Libo Yao Qiming