“Trading day forward” new energy track to strengthen the suspected rebound is not a reversal

2022-04-28 0 By

Thursday A shares closed shock Yang.Shanghai index fluctuated little, closing up 0.06%;The growth Enterprise index rose slightly, closing up 0.76%.Two city volume can be amplified, stocks up about one-third.From the stock index, the two cities have closed the positive line, there is a continuation of the rebound momentum.More rare is the volume began to enlarge, but the rise is relatively limited, that the gap has increased.From the individual stocks, Thursday rose in a low proportion, the limit also increased to 18 stocks, recently strong stocks appeared to kill more, such as the drop in the forefront of the Hua LAN Group, institute of Research, Zhejiang film are such.Yesterday mentioned those demon stocks, in addition to Zhejiang construction investment continued to limit, declared the status of the demon king, other demon stocks such as Poly United, Hengbao shares, is ping shares, The United States Jim have fallen.This shows that the stock speculation cooling signs, or speculation direction quickly switched to the original “super track” – new energy batteries and related plates, “lithium” and greatly popular.The top gainers are mostly lithium ore, salt lake lithium, phosphorus concept, electrolyte, fluorine concept, solid battery, cobalt metal, lithium battery and so on.So, these track stocks, is really expected to pick up momentum, a resplendence?Should not be so easy, if you look at the trend of these plates in recent months, it is not difficult to draw the following judgment: first, lithium battery, phosphorus concept, solid state battery, after continuous decline, produce a rebound in line with technical requirements;2. Overall, it still belongs to the category of oversold rebound, EXP index is still in a dead fork state;Three, the segmentation of the field is differentiated, related to minerals, resources relatively strong, processing, concept fell more.The overall conclusion is that the rebound is not a reversal, strength still depends on individual stocks.Such as ningde times such a leading, recently even closed four Yang, but the amount of shrinking, EXP index is still dead against the background, at any time the end of the rebound again down the possibility, difficult to say this optimistic.Such a situation also exists in the weight of the top blue chips, such as Mindray Medical, Zhifei Biology, Aier Eye, Sunshine power, Lead intelligence, Aimeike, Zhuosheng Micro, etc..This corresponds to, gem refers to the rebound, but also the lack of power and sustainability, once the blue chips together again lower, the stock index to explore support is helpless reality.The only variable is that since the stocks have had a large correction in recent months, it is not quite certain whether the rally will be a one-day or two-day one, or a staged one with some intensity.That is, in the short term gem refers to the continuation of the rebound, or soon again down, it is difficult to assert;But it is relatively certain that the nature of the rebound will not change, and that it will continue to fall.And the hope of the spring market, or the main opportunity, or in the low valuation of blue chips, low-priced stocks on the main board, infrastructure new infrastructure and digital economy in the theme, it is worth paying attention to and grasp.(Express Securities) statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com