Panjin citizens consciously abide by the municipal burning ban

2022-04-28 0 By

Panjin city residents consciously abide by the municipal burning ban.Ten more than six o ‘clock this afternoon, I from well logging company crabs river bridge to the taishan luqiao, xing oil street along the way, well logging, riverside, fire, took, the driller village, north, the sunshine international, cementing, ginkgo bay, residential park, xin yue, three sites, a new station, the mass of oil and gas, geophysical exploration and so on thousands of residents, burn breach put, not spare I walk while see photos shall prevail.At about 17, I took bus No. 1 from Oil gas and turned around a long circle. Every family celebrated Chinese New Year.Logging companies did not set off firecrackers to river bridge logging companies to log to the fire department fire detachment bridge crab channel small iron bridge took crab took ditch bridge road crab ditch bridge vibration driller village on the north channel bridge of a new station to the small iron bridge three urban power grid construction site to plant small iron bridge plant small iron bridge road to the sea crab south ditch bridge drilling high school small square to clean a new station to the cityTaishan Road Bridge At the head of the bridge along the Xingyou Street, the bridge is clean on both sides