New Year walk grassroots! Guard a station warm tens of millions of people

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Watch a movie with your family, cook something delicious together…Li Chunbo, chief manager of Luoyang Operation and Maintenance Class 1, Super high Voltage Company of State Grid Henan Electric Power Company luoyang Operation and Maintenance Branch, and his family had planned all these activities for the Spring Festival, “but the plan can’t catch up with the change, it’s too normal, I not only have to take care of my own small family, but also protect the lights of thousands of families, so that everyone can have a bright New Year.”Affected by the epidemic, during the Spring Festival, all 47 substations under the control of the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company Ultra High Voltage Company strengthened operation and maintenance monitoring, and arranged two operation and maintenance personnel for each substation.On the first and second days of the Chinese New Year, Li Chunbo and Han Bin, the duty commander, were responsible for sticking to the 500 kv Jiyuan substation and maintaining the safety of equipment.According to Li Chunbo, 500 kv Jiyuan substation is the junction substation connecting Luoyang and Danhe power plant grid, in improving the reliability of power supply in Jiyuan area, optimizing the structure of northwest Henan power grid, ensuring northwest Henan economic and social development, providing a strong power guarantee.In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of henan’s main power grid during the Spring Festival, Li Chunbo and Han Bin immediately carried out special holiday patrol, routine patrol, battery test, data copying and filling, sorting out the records of the last month, archiving equipment information and other work in an orderly manner.”Let’s confirm the next 5021C phase circuit breaker pressure value, during the Spring Festival power protection, any link need to maintain a high degree of concentration.”Is shuttling back and forth between the equipment and the framework, meticulous inspection of Han Bin, but also did not forget to remind Li Chunbo patrol focus.”The oil level and pressure of the oil-filled inflatable equipment are all normal.”Li Chunbo said, such as the night we night patrol, with the infrared thermometer to carry out a more comprehensive and accurate “check pulse” equipment.That night, Despite the cold, Li Chunbo and Han Bin never let go of any equipment during their inspection. They mainly carried out comprehensive infrared temperature measurement for oil-filled and inflatable equipment such as transformers, combined appliances, and made detailed records of all contents to ensure the dynamic and accurate understanding of equipment operation.Han Bin patrol after work, listening to the current “crackling” sound equipment zone, a mouthful of hot air blowing warm warm already frozen red hand said: “a job for 27 years, family are used to can’t and I together, you can safely use electricity, comfortable New Year’s day is the biggest wish and her family during the holiday, look at lights, a seaside open open, the in the mind is warm.””Yes, it feels good.During the festival, I can stick to my post without the understanding and support of my family. Whether it is work or life, as long as I am healthy and happy, IT is good.”Li chunbo said with a smile.In fact, there are many power grid guardians like Li Chunbo and Han Bin who still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival. They protect the reunion of thousands of families with their hard work, and turn the understanding and support of their families into the responsibility and responsibility to protect the safe and stable operation of henan’s main power grid.During the Spring Festival, all the 47 500 kv substations under the control of the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company ultra High Voltage Company operated smoothly, the frequency and voltage qualification rate of the main network remained 100%, and the task of power protection during the Spring Festival was successfully completed.Source: State Grid Henan Electric Power Company Rong Media Center Photo/article: Li Rongfeng Zhang Nana