Ke Jie redeemed himself with 1/4 pieces but the team still lost!

2022-04-28 0 By

In the last round of the playoffs, Ke Jie turned the tide and narrowly defeated Gu Zihao by 1/4, but his team was still regrettably defeated. How did Ke Jie win by 1/4 in the match?After the first guess, Gu Zihao black first.White chose a familiar opening, in which the two players battled on the left first, and black moved to the upper left corner. White’s move cut off the contact between black and gained momentum.Black starts a war at the bottom left, and White plays a bottom-line strategy.The two sides gradually fight the situation to the middle game, black is the first to start the war, but White directly compromise, control power.The two sides of the situation have not dabble in the midbelly.In the contest, white compromise, the situation on many flaws, white chess feeling crisis, so decided to provoke a war to fight back, so take the lead.In this way, under the pressure of White, black appeared a bad hand, did not choose to directly break white, but to strengthen their own contact.White gradually levelled the game.When White chooses 164, black is defeated again, and the situation is so far that black cannot win.Guan Zi stage, the end of the white chess is absolutely watertight, and will eventually support the half-purpose advantage to the end.