Will the term “migrant workers” be abolished?”New industrial workers” instead, more respect!

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Introduction every mention the migrant workers group, everyone could be linked with dirty, they always wore tattered clothes, daily shuttle in each site, also in the middle of the city without a fixed home, groups banded to eat everywhere, may also need to match on the two white wine can be, in order to save money may only eat rice and steamed bread.This may be the impression everyone has of them, but we have to admit that they really play a huge role in the continuous development of urbanization.All kinds of buildings in the city may come from their efforts, although their hands look bumpy, they have made great contributions to the whole city.They may not have received a good education, they are selling their labor to earn income, hoping to support their families, so they are also very difficult.In order to bring more benefits to migrant workers, the state should gradually cancel the term migrant workers, but become a new name.So what exactly is the new name?Is it.There are also many opinions on this. Many people believe that for migrant workers, any name is the same, and it is more important that the social group should give them the original respect.In fact, the country has taken this into full consideration in changing the name, because in the context of the continuous development of society, everyone should be respected and everyone should respect others, which has nothing to do with occupation.Because work is never superior or inferior, no one can rely on the superiority of his work to feel that others are inferior to him.But the reality is quite the opposite, which is why the country wants to change the name of migrant workers to new industrial workers.In real life, people often classify others as high or low, mainly based on the work they do.If they sell their physical strength for income, then people will regard them as the bottom of the society, such as migrant workers, sanitation workers and so on.For these groups, they are forced to do this kind of work.More than a decade ago, rural areas were underdeveloped and inaccessible, so people needed to work outside to provide a better life for their families and children.When they were young, the development of the whole society was not particularly good, even the problem of eating could not be solved, and how to receive more education?So they are forced to do this kind of work.Many people are not particularly friendly to the idea of migrant workers, seeing them as the bottom of society, selling their efforts to earn their wages.But what people forget is that we were born to be human, to be equal, and that they are just normal people working just like everyone else.In previous news reports, we can also find that when migrant workers take public transport, those who look well dressed will dislike them, think they are dirty, and even do not want them to take public transport or appear in public places.If you think about it carefully, is this really appropriate?If a city has no manual labor, but only people who provide brain power, it will certainly not make a city function properly.For example, in the process of building a city, the brain worker is the one who puts the blueprint into place, while the manual worker is the one who puts the blueprint into reality. The two sides complement each other.Without the brain, the manual laborer would not know how to build, and without the manual laborer, the brain laborer would not be able to make drawings.Through the introduction of the above content, we will find that migrant workers really play a very important role in the development of the city, and the new industrial workers is their new name, after the change of the name, people pay most attention to the word workers, because it is no longer linked with farmers.Now the whole country has made significant progress, the level of science and technology is more and more developed, all kinds of advanced technology can be applied to the construction project, so it is understandable to rename them as new Industrial workers.Everyone should respect migrant workers and be grateful to them. Without them, we would not have the city we live in now, instead of giving them up.Just like the various buildings and roads we see today were built by their sweat, without them, how could we see today’s busy cities?So you must be in the in the mind is as equal to look at them, don’t let them feel the heart is cool, and name change also allow migrant workers to feel from the whole country and society to bring their warm, they have not been deeply understand social abandoned, also does not have abandoned by everyone, their contribution to the society as a whole can be rewarded.Conclusion After changing the name of migrant workers into new industry workers, I believe that people can also feel more benefits, in fact, the purpose is to change people’s traditional view of them, and let them have a sense of belonging at home.Will the term “migrant workers” be abolished?”New industrial workers” instead, more respect!