Professional medical security embodies responsibility

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Zhu Daqing of The Chinese delegation won a silver medal in the women’s giant slalom alpine skiing event at the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games on March 11, marking her fourth medal of the Games.She fell down and was injured during the pre-competition training on March 3. Under the careful treatment of the medical support team of Peking University Third Hospital (HEREINAFTER referred to as THE Third Hospital of Peking University), she was able to return to the competition quickly and achieve good results.At the Beijing Olympics, a similar scene occurred during the snowboard halfpipe qualifying.Gao Hongbo, a young Chinese player born after 2000, suffered a fracture before the competition and was treated to compete in the Winter Olympics.”It is important for the development of young athletes to take care of his injury and give him a taste of the Atmosphere of the Winter Olympics. We gave him follow-up treatment immediately after the game.”Beijing Winter Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation medical experts, the third hospital of Beijing Hospital sports medicine director Wang Jianquan said.Relying on sports medicine and orthopedics, THE third Hospital of Peking University is the only athlete injury prevention and treatment center designated by the Chinese Olympic Committee and the General Administration of Sport of China.From the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, the medical security team of THE Third Hospital of Peking University demonstrated its responsibility with professionalism.Xu Mengtao, Sui Wenjing and other athletes, it is through careful treatment, out of the low point of injury, created a good performance.”The athletes’ fighting spirit also inspires us all the time.”Wang jianquan said that as Chinese athletes have improved their competitive level and achieved good results in international competitions, the level of sports medicine in China has reached the world-class level.”Getting off the team” is a long-standing tradition of sports medicine department of the Third Hospital of Peking University.Wang jianquan said: “Only by going to the athletes and understanding the characteristics of the event, can we come up with a more reasonable exercise plan.”From daily training intervention and close cooperation with coaches and team doctors, the third hospital of Peking University not only serves the treatment and rehabilitation of athletes after injury, but also guarantees the forward movement to prevent athletes from sports injury.It is the scientific medical security system, reduce the athletes training competition worries.”It is common for athletes in summer Olympics to have a recurrence of old injuries, while athletes in winter Olympics have a higher probability of sudden injury.”Wang said the team is constantly studying the characteristics of ice and snow sports. “In the boom of ‘driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports,’ we also need to protect people’s enjoyment of ice and snow sports,” wang said.In Wang jianquan’s opinion, exercise is a good prescription, and participation in ice and snow sports is of great significance to the improvement of national fitness.”Ice sports injuries are preventable and controllable.We will also popularize sports knowledge, injury prevention and disease prevention, help sports people do well in protection and provide professional treatment, so that more people can take part in ice sports with confidence.”People’s Daily (15th edition, March 17, 2022)